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The 4 Basic Rules of Life | In Memory of Lauretta E. Jones.

The 4 Basic Rules of Life by Rachel Marie

In Loving Honor of my Grandmother who crossed over on 7/9/14 and is now reunited with the love of her life after 33 years! 
The last 11 Months, have quite honestly been the most Exciting and the most Horrible 11 Months of my life! It has confirmed many of my spiritual beliefs, tested my sanity, given me the opportunity to feel every emotion one human can feel, and some of them at the same time... on the same day. It quite literally has been a roller coaster ride. From Purchasing my First New Car.... to major health issues.... to healing myself in and out..... to opening myself up to new friends for the first time in 8 years.... to realizing my true path has been there right under my nose.... to losing one of the most influential people in my life... and in between living my life, building a business, and realizing exactly who I am as a person. I feel like the last 11 months have provided me opportunity, forced me to slow down, open my eyes, work on issues, and do everything that I can every day to live without regret. Now... that the roller coaster ride seems to be over....
How do you take everything that you have been through, felt, and had to deal with... and begin to evolve from it! I have over the last few months realized that Manifesting can come in many forms, you can manifest negative, you can manifest positive, and we are not always aware of what we are manifesting. If we are used to being in chaos and life slows down.... don't we tend to create chaos? How does one walk away, calm, cool and with a better understanding of ones self, rather than walking away hurt, scorned, bruised, and overwhelmed? I have yet to figure this out, but am working on it! The roller coaster may be over... and maybe it's not.... but, I am taking everything that I have learned and putting it towards a new me... a me with new hopes, dreams and attempting to Manifest Positive Change.
Even though the Chaos is calming down.... getting my mind straight is proving difficult, and realizing that I have to slow down, take a look around, and get organized, is taking its toll.... Thankfully... for me... I have learned patience, acceptance, self-self love... and understand that everything that I go through will benefit me, because everything that I learn in my life, will ultimately benefit the people that I work with in my business. The best way I am finding to deal with the chaos, is to not pay attention to it..... I am working on what I have in front of me, what is behind me and around me, and accomplishing things.... this is helping me to not let all of the chaos come back, overwhelm me and shut me down! For those of you who know me, this may be tough to deal with, as I am typically multi-tasking, all over the place, and reliable. This has not changed, I am the same person, I have just grown and evolved and realize that life is too short to dwell on things, to get angry over things out of our control.... and it has reinforced my personal belief that things happen when they are meant to happen 10x over! The moral of the story is...
No matter who you come across today, no matter who they are to you, if they are a friend, a colleague, a family member, someone you depend on, someone you just met yesterday.... remember the 4 basic rules of life.... treat everyone how you want to be treated yourself, have patience, love and understanding for all the Universe's creatures, Know that things will happen when they are supposed to, and that no matter how hard we try... we cannot change things that are beyond our control. I want to thank everyone in my life, and not in my life, for your support... your encouragement, your patience, your love and your friendship over the last 11 months. Together we can work together as an Empowering Universe to manifest change in our own lives, in others, and inspire the world!
Rachel Marie | Psychic - Healer - Coach

Psychic Addiction | It can hurt You, Your Psychic and your Energy!

There are many addictions in this world. Most of us have some kind of addiction; smoking,coffee, shopping, sex, facebook, adrenaline, drinking, etc. Receiving Psychic Readings and/or wanting to know every single detail about the future are not immune to the powers of addiction.

Giving and receiving Psychic Readings over the last 2 decades, I have experienced both. I have experienced being the “Psychic Junkie” and having “Psychic Junkie’s” come to me. Addiction is something serious, regardless of what the addiction is. I treat it just as I would an alcoholic, shopping addict or any other addiction in this world.

I have clients that come to me and ask me if they are being annoying, or if they are bothering me. I always explain to them the same thing. If I feel that it is overwhelming for me, that I am no longer able to help, that someone is overspending, when someone is basing the next steps in their life based on what I have to say or that I am told that they are speaking to many Psychic’s at at time… then I will take action. I may have to “cut someone off”, have a conversation about Psychic addiction with them, and also explain how Psychic Energy works and my recommendation for how often people should get readings.

So… here are a few of those topics.

Why would I “cut someone off”?

On my website’s it clearly states that I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Yes, I have had to refuse service to many individuals. This is a business yes, but my gift is not meant to feed someone’s addiction, or potentially hurt someone. I have a soul, a conscience and of course the ability to read people. So, I can tell when my services are no longer providing insight and are beginning to turn into a dependency for someone.

If someone contact’s me every day as a “friend” trying to get advice, confirmation, and treating me like they would someone close to them. It is time for us to take a step back. Getting to know your Psychic is one thing. Getting to know a Client is one thing. Basing your life decisions off of what anyone in your life has to say, is not the way things should work. My goal when working with anyone is to teach them to trust in their own intuition, own psychic abilities, and in their own decisions. This is one of the main reasons that I offer Intuitive Life Coaching. Some people think they need a Psychic, when they actually need a Coach or a Professional Counselor.

Mental Illness: Mental Illness is something that I take extremely serious. If a person contacts me to tell me that they are thinking of hurting themselves or others. I have the right to report this to the right authorities, and I will. I have no qualms in doing the right thing to protect people. I follow the same ethical standards as any counselor, coach, therapist or health care professional. If you are feeling mentally unstable to the point of harming yourself, please don’t contact any Psychic. Please contact someone local to you that you trust, a therapist, a doctor or anyone that can get you the help that you need. No matter how much I hate to bring this up, There are frauds out there, as there are in any business. They will take advantage of anyone in a vulnerable position. Please only contact a Psychic when you are stable enough to make wise choices and decisions. If someone says that you have a curse or something along those lines and offers to remove these for a price, this is usually not legitimate. If there really was something blocking you, a true Psychic would offer this service as a part of your reading/healing sessions.

If you feel as though you have been taken advantage of by anyone, By someone around you, a psychic a Healer, a doctor or any other professional, you have to protect yourself. Just as I have to protect myself from those who wish to take advantage of me.

Now, I recommend that someone get no more than 1 full reading per quarter. So, no more than 4 full readings a year. A full reading would be an in depth reading in all areas of your life for the next 3 months. Most people that I read for chose to do 1 short reading per month on 1 area of their life. This is no different.  Now, I offer other small readings such as text and email readings. I use these methods for the convenience with tough situations. A text or email reading is not considered a full reading. So, using multiple text or email readings per month, I don’t consider a negative, as long as it is not getting out of hand, there is the potential for addiction or someone is asking the same question over and over again. I, just like anyone else in this life don’t like to repeat myself over and over again. I have no problem giving clarity.

Reading on other Psychic’s Readings: This is a very difficult and grey area. Every single Psychic is different. Some have the same kind of gifts, but you will rarely find 2 psychics a like in any way. That is what makes us all unique. Different gifts abilities and divination tools give us what we need to interpret information. Some Psychic’s interpret different signs in different ways. I can only interpret things as I see them. So, please don’t come to me asking me to clarify what another psychic said. This is something that you need to ask the psychic that gave you the reading. Their interpretation may be very different than mine. Please don’t ask me to read on another psychic to see if they are a ‘good fit’ for you. This is a personal choice. I believe most clients are drawn to me for a reason.

Why is one Psychic’s Reading different than mine?

This is a question that I get from time to time. I will give a reading to someone and then they will reply with, but so n so said x. I am not here to confirm what another psychic has told you. I am here to confirm what I see happening. I cannot comment as to why different Psychic’s interpret things in a different way. This depends on their gifts, their tools and their background.

Psychic Energy Transference

Psychic Energy Transference is very real and it is very potent. I am sure you have heard of leaving your carbon footprint behind? Well, getting a Psychic Reading is very much the same deal. When you get a reading from a Psychic, they leave their Psychic Footprint around you. You do the same to the Psychic. So, if you get multiple readings from different readers in a short amount of time, then that is going to make your personal energy confusing. This could hurt the accuracy of your reading, this could also affect your personal energy. This can confuse the reader, you and even block you from being able to receive readings. Psychic’s are given this gift to help people. You are given the opportunity to get a Psychic Reading. Both of these things can be taken away! I have seen Psychic’s lose their gifts by using unethical practices.

I recommend if you want to try various Psychic’s to still follow my recommendation. 1 Full Psychic Reading per Quarter. If you get a reading from me this quarter, next quarter try someone else. I am not trying to get anyone to use only me, as I have often recommended someone to other trusted Psychic’s before. Sometimes my expertise and abilities are not enough to help someone in some situations.

You have to think about it in this regard. You wouldn’t go to 5 different doctors to confirm a ear infection would you? Probably not right? You would go into 1 doctor, confirm the infection, get the antibiotics you need, and then wait to see if the infection clears or doesn’t clear before going to see the same or another doctor.. right? Psychic Readings should be treated the same way.

Psychic bashing, Psychic addiction websites:

There is a lot of mis information on the web about Psychic Addiction. There are groups that are labeled as groups for Psychic addiction but are nothing more than people bashing the Psychics that they didn’t like or find inaccurate, or praising those that they like at that time. Please watch out for some of these resources, as they can be misleading. They might pose themselves as a support situation when it is nothing but a hate group. Yes, Psychics get hated on believe it or not! But, bullying of any kind is still bullying! Please watch out in these situations as well. There are also people out there that take on the name of other Psychic’s such as myself and try to drag them through the mud. If you have not purchased a reading through this website or a website associated with me. You have not received a reading by me, and I would like it if you would report this to me.

Psychic Addiction is something that I ethically will not enable. So, don’t be offended if I tell you that I can no longer provide you services. It is nothing personal, it is me respecting myself, you and my abilities. If you have any questions whatsoever about Psychic Addiction, please feel free to ask. I am very open about this subject and take it very serious.

Psychic Time Frames | How accurate are they really?

Time Frames... the good, the bad and the ugly!

Most of the Readings that I do wind up requiring some sort of time frame! I love having the ability to offer time frames. There are a lot of Psychics that do not offer time frames or refuse to give them! I on the other hand believe that time frames are a vital part of a reading!

I do however, feel like I have to explain how time frames work and unfortunately, sometimes don’t work!

Recently I have received some negative feedback from a client! This client states that my reading was not accurate because the time frame was in accurate! Not because the prediction did not come true... but, because the time frame was different then what I gave, it made it in accurate!

Now, from a personal standpoint I can understand the confusion! So, I want to clear up confusion about time frames, how I get my time frames, and what can influence them!

How do I get my Time Frames?

Method 1

Most of the time when I am giving a reading I am utilizing solely my personal intuition! This is when it is regarding personal questions. The way my readings work is all about transference. You transfer your energy to me, and if there is someone else involved their energy is transferred to you, then to me... and so on and so forth. When I sense a particular energy that is stronger than another I am able to devise a time frame from this. I am able to sense if something is going to happen sooner or later! This is how I determine if something is going to happen immediately or if it will take time.

Method 2

Once I have established if something is going to happen sooner or later. I can then try to pin down a clearer time frame, such as weeks, months or years. This is done by closing my eyes and meditating for a moment. Then I will have a flash of either pictures, numbers or letters. For example... if I am faced with a question of “When will x find their soulmate”... I sense the energy is very strong, so I know it is happening soon... So, I close my eyes and ask my intuition and spirit guide to show me a sign of when. If I get a 1 and I know it is happening sooner than later. Then I estimate that will be within 1 week. If I then say 1 week and I get an overwhelming sensation over my body. Then, I know I have received the message correctly.

Method 3

The final method that I use is a Pendulum. My Pendulum and myself are best friends! I have relied on my pendulum to give me time frames for over a decade and she has proven accuracy!

How Accurate are time frames?

To be honest! I give my personal time frames about 75% accuracy! I can guarantee the reading... but i cannot guarantee the time frame!

Why do time frames not work out sometimes?

Now... Here is where we come to the hard part! There is so much that can influence time frames. So here is the best way to explain it!

Today, I took a day off! I had planned on going and getting a bunch of stuff done. I was so excited to run my errands, and I planned them the entire week. I had them planned with grocery lists and everything! Then i woke up, felt a little tired and groggy and decided to put off most of my list.

Does this mean that I will not get the things that I need? No! I just decided to do it at a different time. My free will allowed me the opportunity to put it off for another day!

This is exactly how time frames work! Everyone has their free will to choose what they can and cannot do day by day! They may put things off for later, they may put things off for weeks, months. It is their own choice! On my time frame I am not going to see if they decide to make a different choice. When I am giving a reading, they have not been faced with that choice yet!

Sometimes you have the power to change time frames, and sometimes you don’t! Sometimes you can influence others to do things faster and sometimes you cannot. So, I always say... to use time frames as a template... but do not take them as something set in stone! Because typically so many things influence a time frame.

This does not mean if a time frame does not pan out the day, week or month I read for you, that you need to schedule a new reading for a new time frame. You can if you want to. But the only thing that happened was the time frame did not happen exactly when we thought for whatever reason. This does not mean that anything I have said in the reading as changed!

If Free will can change a time frame, then can it change a reading?

The answer to this is yes and no! Free will does only go so far! We have a choice on what we do on a daily basis. We have a choice on if we are motivated or not, if we are scared to do something or not, if we need time for ourselves, if we want to wait to contact that person, and things as such!

For example... if you are meant to be a Doctor in this life... you cannot change and be a waiter! You are meant for greater good! You cannot change who your soulmate is as that is set in stone! This person is someone that is meant to be in your life.. even if it is good or bad!

But you can change your mind if you are going to contact someone today or not, or if you are going to go to the store or not!

In Conclusion!

Have patience with the time frame... and faith in yourself, the reading and the fact that you deserve whatever it is you are waiting for! Throwing out negative energy can influence everything in our lives!

So take care and be loved!

Free Will- My Perspective | Does Free Will Really Exist or are we stuck with what we have?

Free Will - My Perspective

I have been meaning to write this blog posting for quite some time… but things happen… and we are not always able to do what we want to do, when we want to do it!

I am often asked questions where someone begins “I know free will is involved but I would like to know….”. Also, many come to me and say “I got a reading and it didn’t pan out so I guess free will was involved”.

Basically I wind up repeating myself over and over and over and now I can finally put it all in one place! I want to express first and foremost that what I talk about below is MY personal beliefs about Free Will. This may differ from many people’s belief system, and is in no way meant to discredit or contradict the views of anyone else in the Metaphysical profession.

In my 22 years of learning, reading, teaching and experiencing things in the metaphysical world. I have basically broken them down into different sayings mixed between Metaphysics and Science.

“For Every Action, there is an Equal and/or Opposite Reaction” - Newton

“Things happen for a reason”

“Destiny” - Just the word.. why would it exist if there was no such thing?

The Serenity Prayer

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

I think you get the point! But the world is made up of so many different variations and versions of things that it is always hard to make an assumption on if something is meant to be or not! So, it constantly leaves us with this internal battle of not knowing what to think!

Is free will real? Is it a Joke? Is it only true sometimes? Is it an excuse people use when they are wrong or facing a problem?

Well, in my version of things… it is all true!

My definition of free will is as follows ;

Free will is the ability to make a decision that will change an outcome. It is the ability to change your mind, thought, habit, behavior, environment, goal or outcome of an event only when it does not affect your destiny or the destiny of someone else.

So,  in short,  you can make changes  or decisions that can affect your life, but you cannot change destiny! Things are going to happen if you like them or not!

Typically when I run into questions about Free Will it is regarding a relationship situation. Quite a few people believe that they are not with someone, or that they are going to pay consequences in a relationship because of what they say or do or things as such. Many things are out of our control. Some of them are in our control.

If someone says they are going to call you at a specific time, or if a Psychic tells you that someone is going to call at a specific time… well, that doesn’t always happen! Why?, because the phone call is to chit chat, is to just say hello and does not have any real purpose towards the destiny of the relationship. The only true time it would affect destiny is if the person is never meant to contact you again! If you are destined to be apart and never reconnect in this life. Or, if the phone call is meant to start up a relationship, but if it is something that is menial, even though it may not feel like it, well, it just isn’t something that is going to change or make a difference to destiny!

This is why we have a choice in many tasks we do. We can put things off and do them tomorrow, we can choose if we go to the store or not, but if you are born destined to be a Doctor or a Lawyer, eventually that is going to happen!

If a relationship is meant to be… if the 2 people are true soulmates and not just soul connections (blog posts coming soon) then pretty much everything that happens in the relationship is meant to be. You could chose things like the timing you move in together, the timing you get married, but the outcome will always stay the same. You will be together!

If a relationship is not meant to be or you just have a soul connection to that person, then most of the in between doesn’t matter, and you can shape things the way they are going to happen. Some people are brought into our life because we have past lives with them, some because we are meant to learn something about ourselves or teach them something. But not everyone is destined to stay in our lives.

So it is complicated but many use free will as an excuse for when things do not pan out. When in my experience Free Will can only come into play when it does not mingle with destiny. If you are in a relationship right now and it is not your soulmate, the universe is not going to allow you to miss your soulmate. Our current circumstances will not affect things that are destined to happen! From a Psychic perspective however, we are not always allowed to see who soulmates are and who soul connections are. I have many people who come to me and say 200 Psychics said that me and so n so were meant to be together and we were meant to get married or whatever the situation. But, it didn’t happen so I guess his/her free will kicked in. No… that is not true! The other person may have chose certain paths that they went down but they did not all of a sudden change destiny. What typically happens during this time is that Soul Connections are connections that are meant to be. It is destined. Some of us could have 1000 soul connections in our life-time but for us Psychics it is not always clear! Sometimes soul connections are so strong that they almost “fool” psychics energy wise! So, even psychics can be fooled!

But in close,  Free Will is often used as an excuse when things don’t pan out the way people want or plan, but remember,if something is meant to be it is going to happen regardless and even the most gifted psychic may not have all the answers or know the outcome. That is why I tell people to stay away from Psychics who say they are 100% accurate… as there is no such thing.

Accuracy is based on the connection between the Reader and the Client, if the situation being read is based on something that is Destiny or that can be changed, the connection that the reader is able to make between other people in the reading, the psychic abilities of both Reader and Client, the tools used (ie tarot, pendulum), and the method of gathering the information. I read energy. So, when people are low or high energy it does affect my readings, if I am not in a good stable place energy wise, it affects the readings. It has taken me 22 years of readings, life experience, research, teaching and learning about the world, people, myself and how to interpret messages to get to the accuracy level I am at.

The one thing that I can 100% guarantee is that if something is meant to be, then it is going to happen… if it is not… then it is not… no matter what a Psychic says. We are in no way shape or form given the ability to change destiny. So, if you come to a Psychic and ask a question on how to change destiny and they give you an answer… always question if that is possible. Because all gifts are just that… gifts. They can be taken away, they can break, and they can be overused..

So, when faced with a situation the worst thing that you could do would be to contact 50 Psychics and ask them all the same question because everyone is different, everyone has a different gift and unfortunately this is a world of manipulation and greed and some may not have a gift at all.  

So… in conclusion. Free Will is based upon your own personal beliefs system. My goal was to give you a different perspective and make you think. So, hopefully I accomplished that today! <3

Valentine's Day Part 3:Soul Mates, Soul Connections and Twin Flames

Alright, so today is Valentine’s Day so it is only appropriate to focus on aspects of love! I receive questions constantly about Sou

l Mates, Soul Connections and Twin Flames. So here is your Valentine’s Day treat from me.. a little love.

Soul Mates

The Characteristics of what defines a Soul Mate are as follows;

1) You and the person have an instant, unexplainable connection

2) You do things for this person that you would never do before.

3) You feel as though you were brought together.

4) You may feel a past connection, like you knew each other before.

What happens in a Soul Mate Relationship;

1) You will always have problems, issues and lots of obstacles in the way to be together.

2) You will often feel like giving up but have a special “energy” inside you that doesn’t allow you to do so.

3) In the end, no matter the obstacles, you remain together in a partnership until one or both cross-over.

Soul Mates in a nutshell

Soul Mates are people who were “matched up” so to speak. You are meant to be together in a relationship, learn from each other, build a life together in some manner until one or both of you perish. I often tell people that from my perspective, I don’t understand why people “can’t wait” for their soulmates. Because Soul Mate relationships are the most difficult, stressful and often challenged relationships you will ever have in your life!

Now… some disagree with me. But I believe everyone has only 1 Soul Mate per life (as I believe in past lives)

But soulmates are the ones that you can let go and they come back… and sometimes you have to let them go in order to come back!

Soul Connections

The Characteristics of what defines a Soul Connection are as follows;

1) You and the person have an instant, unexplainable connection

2) You do things for this person that you would never do before.

3) You feel as though you were brought together.

4) You may feel a past connection, like you knew each other before.

5) Soul Connections can be friends, family, lovers, co-workers or just about anyone that enters your life.

What happens in a Soul Connection Relationship;

1) You will always have problems, issues and lots of obstacles in the way to be together.

2) You will often feel like giving up but have a special “energy” inside you that doesn’t allow you to do so.

3) In the end the two of you are not destined to be together forever in a relationship or friendship.

Soul Connections in a Nutshell

Soul Connections are sometimes the hardest relationships to figure out. You have all the connections of a Soul Mate relationship but the only differences are that a Soul Connection can be anyone in your life, we can have hundreds of them, and we are not destined to be with them in a relationship. It is someone that comes into your life that you will never forget, and be connected to for the rest of your life.

It is often difficult doing readings on Soul Mates and Soul Connections because they are so similar they can often lead to inaccurate readings, or complicated readings. Sometimes one may have to wait for specific outcomes to define if someone is their Soul Mate or a Soul Connection.

Twin Flames

Now… I personally do not believe in Twin Flames.

It is said however that Twin Flames are one perfect soul, that was then separated into 2. So the souls are basically lost in the world until they are reunited to create that perfect soul again.

For me this is more of a mythical metaphysical explanation of Soul Connections and Soul Mates mixed together. It is basically the belief that once you reach a high enough spiritual plane and you have become a graduated soul then you will meet your Twin Flame here on earth if they have also reached the same Graduated status.

For me, that is way too much work! Yes… we are meant to learn things before we are in a relationship, during and after. We are meant to learn things from our Soul Connections and our Soul Mates but being a ripped apart soul just to suffer until you are reconnected sounds to me like a sorry cosmic joke…. lol

So, in a whole… we make many connections in this life. We make Soul Connections, Soul Mate Connections and if you believe in it Twin Flame Connections… but, remember that no matter who is in your life. None of these connections are possible without you being at your best, and opening up your heart and mind to the possibility that there is more out there for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Be sure to tell yourself and the world you love them

Valentine's Day Part 2 From a Psychic's Perspective

Valentine’s Day is quite honestly one of the most difficult times for a Psychic. It is a time of high emotion, of high energy and a time where we get an influx of questions regarding love, past loves, soul mates, twin flames, marriage and children. Quite honestly everything and anything related to love.

It is also a time that we are typically forced to deliver bad news and/or are unable to advise someone in the right direction. Valentine’s Day is a hard day for just about everyone. Even those who have big plans, or who are married in relationships. No matter who you are, Valentine’s day brings out our inner feelings, insecurities, hopes, and sometimes stomps on our dreams. It is a time of year that people rub their love in our faces or that others are faced with break ups. Some who are going through divorces, and those looking forward to new life and starting a family.

No matter what, Valentine’s Day always brings some kind of negative memory or negative thought to the surface no matter who we are. This Valentine’s Day in 2014 is especially draining and destined to be more difficult than usual. Why you ask?

Valentine’s Day 2014

This Valentine’s Day falls in a very strange period Astrologically. We are in a Mercury Retrograde (read my blog about retrograde here). This Mercury Retrograde is all about Communication issues. So, things are predestined to go awry.

Your reservation may be wrong, you date may be late, the person you are waiting to call may be delayed. A friend may have issues. You may become extremely emotional for no reason. You may dream about a past love. You name it… retrograde is going to bring it out!

So, based on Astrology my advice for Valentine’s Day 2014 is to GO WITH THE FLOW!

Spend time on yourself and work on past issues with love. Focus on the positives in your life. Everyone has someone who loves them, and everyone loves someone. Try not to think about past loves, what is going on in your current relationship, when that soul mate is coming into your life. Try to focus on the now, who is in your life now? Treat yourself, your Mother, your Children, your best friend to a lunch date.

Most of all, Don’t be Jealous. Don’t allow the advertisements on tv, the “happy couples” on facebook, and the Valentine’s Day discount coupon for 2 make you feel jealous of someone else’s relationship. Most “happy” relationships are the one’s that don’t last. It is the relationships with difficult issues, problems and things that both need to work on that survive, thrive and get through hard times.

Tell someone you love them! It could be a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, even me! Because Valentine’s Day is really not about Love and Romance. It is about Celebrating life, love and the fact that we are emotional human beings capable of love. It is about Celebrating the one thing that no one can ever take away from us…. our ability to love unconditionally. One thing that I learned when I was in Mexico and from being engulfed in the culture is that they are a Country of family unity. They are a culture that celebrates family just as much or perhaps even more than Love and Romance. They celebrate the ‘Dia de Amor y Amistad’ which is the Day of Love and Friendship. That is what they call their Valentine’s Day.

Dia de Amor y Amistad - Day of Love and Friendship

Valentine’s Day celebrations in Mexico are more focused towards families and friendships,then Love and Romance last. They spend the day with family and have a cookout or barbecue. It is not uncommon for people to have a street or block party and/or rent out a location for a family reunion. Yes, they do send flowers, cards and love notes to their loved ones. But, it quite honestly is just so much more than that. It is a day to celebrate love of all kinds.

The way that they celebrate the Dia de Amor y Amistad is something that people here in the US and in other countries could really learn something from. Their celebrations are geared towards acceptance, making new friends, and appreciating family rather than love, expensive gifts, and marriage proposals. It is a time where everyone in the country is included in this time.

By including the Friendship and Family aspect it eliminates the baggage that comes with Valentine’s Day in the US. It eliminates the tendency for jealousy, sadness and loneliness that most feel on Valentine’s Day. Now, I am sure that there are of course some that do get jealous, sad or lonely but in a whole the day takes on a completely different meaning. It is a celebration of love and life from every angle. I only wish we could, as a society, learn from this and make it part of our culture.

Since I cannot change the world, What I can do is share my knowledge and encourage everyone to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day and start Celebrating the Day of Love and Friendship. We all deserve a little love in our life. Give someone love today and I guarantee you it will come back 10 fold.

Tomorrow I will have the final Blog for Valentine’s day… finally a little “puff” it will be about Soul Mates, Soul Connections and Twin flames.

Tony Robbins | Netflix Original 'I Am Not Your Guru' | A Biased Review

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