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The 4 Basic Rules of Life | In Memory of Lauretta E. Jones.

The 4 Basic Rules of Life by Rachel Marie In Loving Honor of my Grandmother who crossed over on 7/9/14 and is now reunited with the love of her life after 33 years!  The last 11 Months, have quite honestly been the most Exciting and the most Horrible 11 Months of my life! It has confirmed many of my spiritual beliefs, tested my sanity, given me the opportunity to feel every emotion one human can feel, and some of them at the same time... on the same day. It quite literally has been a roller coaster ride. From Purchasing my First New Car.... to major health issues.... to healing myself in and out..... to opening myself up to new friends for the first time in 8 years.... to realizing my true path has been there right under my nose.... to losing one of the most influential people in my life... and in between living my life, building a business, and realizing exactly who I am as a person. I feel like the last 11 months have provided me opportunity, forced me to slow down, open my

Psychic Addiction | It can hurt You, Your Psychic and your Energy!

There are many addictions in this world. Most of us have some kind of addiction; smoking,coffee, shopping, sex, facebook, adrenaline, drinking, etc. Receiving Psychic Readings and/or wanting to know every single detail about the future are not immune to the powers of addiction. Giving and receiving Psychic Readings over the last 2 decades, I have experienced both. I have experienced being the “Psychic Junkie” and having “Psychic Junkie’s” come to me. Addiction is something serious, regardless of what the addiction is. I treat it just as I would an alcoholic, shopping addict or any other addiction in this world. I have clients that come to me and ask me if they are being annoying, or if they are bothering me. I always explain to them the same thing. If I feel that it is overwhelming for me, that I am no longer able to help, that someone is overspending, when someone is basing the next steps in their life based on what I have to say or that I am told that they are speaking to many

Psychic Time Frames | How accurate are they really?

Time Frames... the good, the bad and the ugly! Most of the Readings that I do wind up requiring some sort of time frame! I love having the ability to offer time frames. There are a lot of Psychics that do not offer time frames or refuse to give them! I on the other hand believe that time frames are a vital part of a reading! I do however, feel like I have to explain how time frames work and unfortunately, sometimes don’t work! Recently I have received some negative feedback from a client! This client states that my reading was not accurate because the time frame was in accurate! Not because the prediction did not come true... but, because the time frame was different then what I gave, it made it in accurate! Now, from a personal standpoint I can understand the confusion! So, I want to clear up confusion about time frames, how I get my time frames, and what can influence them! How do I get my Time Frames? Method 1 Most of the time when I am giving a reading I am utilizin

Free Will- My Perspective | Does Free Will Really Exist or are we stuck with what we have?

Free Will - My Perspective I have been meaning to write this blog posting for quite some time… but things happen… and we are not always able to do what we want to do, when we want to do it! I am often asked questions where someone begins “I know free will is involved but I would like to know….”. Also, many come to me and say “I got a reading and it didn’t pan out so I guess free will was involved”. Basically I wind up repeating myself over and over and over and now I can finally put it all in one place! I want to express first and foremost that what I talk about below is MY personal beliefs about Free Will. This may differ from many people’s belief system, and is in no way meant to discredit or contradict the views of anyone else in the Metaphysical profession. In my 22 years of learning, reading, teaching and experiencing things in the metaphysical world. I have basically broken them down into different sayings mixed between Metaphysics and Science. “For Every Act

Valentine's Day Part 3:Soul Mates, Soul Connections and Twin Flames

Alright, so today is Valentine’s Day so it is only appropriate to focus on aspects of love! I receive questions constantly about Sou l Mates, Soul Connections and Twin Flames. So here is your Valentine’s Day treat from me.. a little love. Soul Mates The Characteristics of what defines a Soul Mate are as follows; 1) You and the person have an instant, unexplainable connection 2) You do things for this person that you would never do before. 3) You feel as though you were brought together. 4) You may feel a past connection, like you knew each other before. What happens in a Soul Mate Relationship; 1) You will always have problems, issues and lots of obstacles in the way to be together. 2) You will often feel like giving up but have a special “energy” inside you that doesn’t allow you to do so. 3) In the end, no matter the obstacles, you remain together in a partnership until one or both cross-over. Soul Mates in a nutshell Soul Mates are pe

Valentine's Day Part 2 From a Psychic's Perspective

Valentine’s Day is quite honestly one of the most difficult times for a Psychic. It is a time of high emotion, of high energy and a time where we get an influx of questions regarding love, past loves, soul mates, twin flames, marriage and children. Quite honestly everything and anything related to love. It is also a time that we are typically forced to deliver bad news and/or are unable to advise someone in the right direction. Valentine’s Day is a hard day for just about everyone. Even those who have big plans, or who are married in relationships. No matter who you are, Valentine’s day brings out our inner feelings, insecurities, hopes, and sometimes stomps on our dreams. It is a time of year that people rub their love in our faces or that others are faced with break ups. Some who are going through divorces, and those looking forward to new life and starting a family. No matter what, Valentine’s Day always brings some kind of negative memory or negative thought to the surf