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Im not a Flake... I have ADHD!

So, let’s say I have an appointment at 4pm. Right now it is 10am. I am starting my day. I don't "feel" well emotionally. I cannot seem to bring my self esteem up. I feel like I am worthless, that I am a bad person, and that I am not going to give or get anything out of the appointment like this. I spend MUCH of my morning trying to figure out why? There is NO reason in my life what so ever, for me to feel like this! Then, I tell myself that I have to go. I made a commitment. I spend the rest of my day focusing on other stuff until 4pm rolls around. Then, I feel terrible because I had every intention of going. I begin to get severely depressed. I don't talk to ANYONE when I am severely depressed. Most people don’t understand, they try to boost me up, tell me everything is going to be ok, ect… and that actually makes me feel worse. So, I turn off my phones, my computer and everything and I go to bed, or somewhere to be by mysel