Psychic Addiction | It can hurt You, Your Psychic and your Energy!

There are many addictions in this world. Most of us have some kind of addiction; smoking,coffee, shopping, sex, facebook, adrenaline, drinking, etc. Receiving Psychic Readings and/or wanting to know every single detail about the future are not immune to the powers of addiction.

Giving and receiving Psychic Readings over the last 2 decades, I have experienced both. I have experienced being the “Psychic Junkie” and having “Psychic Junkie’s” come to me. Addiction is something serious, regardless of what the addiction is. I treat it just as I would an alcoholic, shopping addict or any other addiction in this world.

I have clients that come to me and ask me if they are being annoying, or if they are bothering me. I always explain to them the same thing. If I feel that it is overwhelming for me, that I am no longer able to help, that someone is overspending, when someone is basing the next steps in their life based on what I have to say or that I am told that they are speaking to many Psychic’s at at time… then I will take action. I may have to “cut someone off”, have a conversation about Psychic addiction with them, and also explain how Psychic Energy works and my recommendation for how often people should get readings.

So… here are a few of those topics.

Why would I “cut someone off”?

On my website’s it clearly states that I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Yes, I have had to refuse service to many individuals. This is a business yes, but my gift is not meant to feed someone’s addiction, or potentially hurt someone. I have a soul, a conscience and of course the ability to read people. So, I can tell when my services are no longer providing insight and are beginning to turn into a dependency for someone.

If someone contact’s me every day as a “friend” trying to get advice, confirmation, and treating me like they would someone close to them. It is time for us to take a step back. Getting to know your Psychic is one thing. Getting to know a Client is one thing. Basing your life decisions off of what anyone in your life has to say, is not the way things should work. My goal when working with anyone is to teach them to trust in their own intuition, own psychic abilities, and in their own decisions. This is one of the main reasons that I offer Intuitive Life Coaching. Some people think they need a Psychic, when they actually need a Coach or a Professional Counselor.

Mental Illness: Mental Illness is something that I take extremely serious. If a person contacts me to tell me that they are thinking of hurting themselves or others. I have the right to report this to the right authorities, and I will. I have no qualms in doing the right thing to protect people. I follow the same ethical standards as any counselor, coach, therapist or health care professional. If you are feeling mentally unstable to the point of harming yourself, please don’t contact any Psychic. Please contact someone local to you that you trust, a therapist, a doctor or anyone that can get you the help that you need. No matter how much I hate to bring this up, There are frauds out there, as there are in any business. They will take advantage of anyone in a vulnerable position. Please only contact a Psychic when you are stable enough to make wise choices and decisions. If someone says that you have a curse or something along those lines and offers to remove these for a price, this is usually not legitimate. If there really was something blocking you, a true Psychic would offer this service as a part of your reading/healing sessions.

If you feel as though you have been taken advantage of by anyone, By someone around you, a psychic a Healer, a doctor or any other professional, you have to protect yourself. Just as I have to protect myself from those who wish to take advantage of me.

Now, I recommend that someone get no more than 1 full reading per quarter. So, no more than 4 full readings a year. A full reading would be an in depth reading in all areas of your life for the next 3 months. Most people that I read for chose to do 1 short reading per month on 1 area of their life. This is no different.  Now, I offer other small readings such as text and email readings. I use these methods for the convenience with tough situations. A text or email reading is not considered a full reading. So, using multiple text or email readings per month, I don’t consider a negative, as long as it is not getting out of hand, there is the potential for addiction or someone is asking the same question over and over again. I, just like anyone else in this life don’t like to repeat myself over and over again. I have no problem giving clarity.

Reading on other Psychic’s Readings: This is a very difficult and grey area. Every single Psychic is different. Some have the same kind of gifts, but you will rarely find 2 psychics a like in any way. That is what makes us all unique. Different gifts abilities and divination tools give us what we need to interpret information. Some Psychic’s interpret different signs in different ways. I can only interpret things as I see them. So, please don’t come to me asking me to clarify what another psychic said. This is something that you need to ask the psychic that gave you the reading. Their interpretation may be very different than mine. Please don’t ask me to read on another psychic to see if they are a ‘good fit’ for you. This is a personal choice. I believe most clients are drawn to me for a reason.

Why is one Psychic’s Reading different than mine?

This is a question that I get from time to time. I will give a reading to someone and then they will reply with, but so n so said x. I am not here to confirm what another psychic has told you. I am here to confirm what I see happening. I cannot comment as to why different Psychic’s interpret things in a different way. This depends on their gifts, their tools and their background.

Psychic Energy Transference

Psychic Energy Transference is very real and it is very potent. I am sure you have heard of leaving your carbon footprint behind? Well, getting a Psychic Reading is very much the same deal. When you get a reading from a Psychic, they leave their Psychic Footprint around you. You do the same to the Psychic. So, if you get multiple readings from different readers in a short amount of time, then that is going to make your personal energy confusing. This could hurt the accuracy of your reading, this could also affect your personal energy. This can confuse the reader, you and even block you from being able to receive readings. Psychic’s are given this gift to help people. You are given the opportunity to get a Psychic Reading. Both of these things can be taken away! I have seen Psychic’s lose their gifts by using unethical practices.

I recommend if you want to try various Psychic’s to still follow my recommendation. 1 Full Psychic Reading per Quarter. If you get a reading from me this quarter, next quarter try someone else. I am not trying to get anyone to use only me, as I have often recommended someone to other trusted Psychic’s before. Sometimes my expertise and abilities are not enough to help someone in some situations.

You have to think about it in this regard. You wouldn’t go to 5 different doctors to confirm a ear infection would you? Probably not right? You would go into 1 doctor, confirm the infection, get the antibiotics you need, and then wait to see if the infection clears or doesn’t clear before going to see the same or another doctor.. right? Psychic Readings should be treated the same way.

Psychic bashing, Psychic addiction websites:

There is a lot of mis information on the web about Psychic Addiction. There are groups that are labeled as groups for Psychic addiction but are nothing more than people bashing the Psychics that they didn’t like or find inaccurate, or praising those that they like at that time. Please watch out for some of these resources, as they can be misleading. They might pose themselves as a support situation when it is nothing but a hate group. Yes, Psychics get hated on believe it or not! But, bullying of any kind is still bullying! Please watch out in these situations as well. There are also people out there that take on the name of other Psychic’s such as myself and try to drag them through the mud. If you have not purchased a reading through this website or a website associated with me. You have not received a reading by me, and I would like it if you would report this to me.

Psychic Addiction is something that I ethically will not enable. So, don’t be offended if I tell you that I can no longer provide you services. It is nothing personal, it is me respecting myself, you and my abilities. If you have any questions whatsoever about Psychic Addiction, please feel free to ask. I am very open about this subject and take it very serious.


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