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Tony Robbins | Netflix Original 'I Am Not Your Guru' | A Biased Review

'I Am Not Your Guru' a Netflix Original Documentary Film  - That follows Tony Robins during one of his 'Date with Destiny' Shows. It also goes behind the scenes and shows everything about the 'Guru'. You can find more information on the Tony Robbins Website / WARNING: Spoiler Alert and Explicit Language Alert I myself have been a huge fan and follower of Tony Robbins for most of my life. Everyone needs someone that they admire and aspire to be. Even though I am a Psychic Medium and don't consider myself a Guru I still find him more of a Inspiration and someone that I admire more than the other long time Psychic Medium's in my field. I have read most of his books beginning with 'Awaken the Giant within'. I like him, because he is honest. He is about being honest, telling the painful truth, and being Fucking blunt. Which I love as that is my truth that I live daily. I have been anticipating this film

How I Survived waiting for My Soulmate to 10 Year Wedding Anniversary!

May 6th, 2016 was my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary. It honestly feels so weird writing that as 10 years ago, I honestly would have never thought this day would come. 10 years may not sound a lot to some. It is unfortunately a very long time in our day and age. It is an even longer time considering we don't have any children. My husband and I have overcome an extreme amount of obstacles. Those of which are very typical for Soulmate relationships. True Soulmates are typically not the couple that you see that is smiling and always seems happy. They are the couples that go through some of the most horrible obstacles and accomplish them and get through them together. They are the couple that in the end, your friends and family are saying "how did you guys survive"! Now, this is not a blog post about details of my Marriage or the things that we have been through but just to give you an idea. We have overcome Fertility issues, Addictions, Past relationships, Financial pr