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Tony Robbins | Netflix Original 'I Am Not Your Guru' | A Biased Review

'I Am Not Your Guru' a Netflix Original Documentary Film  - That follows Tony Robins during one of his 'Date with Destiny' Shows. It also goes behind the scenes and shows everything about the 'Guru'. You can find more information on the Tony Robbins Website /

WARNING: Spoiler Alert and Explicit Language Alert

I myself have been a huge fan and follower of Tony Robbins for most of my life. Everyone needs someone that they admire and aspire to be. Even though I am a Psychic Medium and don't consider myself a Guru I still find him more of a Inspiration and someone that I admire more than the other long time Psychic Medium's in my field. I have read most of his books beginning with 'Awaken the Giant within'. I like him, because he is honest. He is about being honest, telling the painful truth, and being Fucking blunt. Which I love as that is my truth that I live daily.

I have been anticipating this film since I heard of its existence, and honestly due to how much it does cost to attend a 'Date with Destiny' Session (Right now GA Tickets for his Florida conference are aprox $5000.00) this is probably the closest I could get right now to being a part of his show. But, I am not going to bash him for the price because even though I have only seen videos of the events and I can't afford it. It feels very worth it.

Most have also heard the controversy regarding his Fire Walking events that happened recently where 30 people were burned. Which is of course something that could happen when you add flame to skin.

But...... On to my Biased Review. 

The Film starts amazing. The Tony Robbins that I am inside comes out within the first few moments. Some people may find it offensive that Tony Robbins uses so much profanity during his conferences. So, if you have little children around, this may not be the best thing to watch with them as he is NOT your Child's Guru. In the opening scenes he is discussing why an attendee of the event would like to kill himself. When the Attendee is deep in thought thinking of why he hates himself. Tony Abruptly changes the subject...

Tony Robbins "Why do you hate yourself?" 
Attendee - breathes heavily deep in thought........
Tony Robbins "Is it the Red Shoes?" (the attendee has very red sneakers on)
Attendee "What?"
Tony Robbins "IS it the Red Shoes?"  
Attendee - looks down "No!"
Tony Robbins "Are you sure? Cuz they're fuckin red!" 
- The Audience and the Attendee Laugh. 
Tony Robbins - Touches the mans face "Don't you be smiling like that. You'll fuck everything up."

He uses a form of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that takes people out of their own minds and tricks their brains to focus on something else and open them up. I mean within seconds the man went from Crying and shaking and feeling sorry for himself, to laughing. Which is what we honestly should all be doing when it comes to tough situations. If one simple comment can take this man out of over thinking his problems and focusing on the now, then why is he not doing that for himself?   I have studied NLP myself and eventually will post a blog about NLP and what I have learned from it.

Tony later on tells the attendee as his face twitches with passion.....

"You have just begun and your NOT going to fuck it up!" 
"Your going to take your time to develop and your going to enjoy a little bit along the way."

You can see, those 2 sentences alone, changed this mans life. Sometimes, we just need to hear the truth. Sometimes, we just need to have someone tells us what it is we CAN achieve in life. This is the Power of Tony Robbins.

So, after 2 hours of crying.... feeling bad about myself..... feeling good about myself.... cursing at myself... and knowing that I am one of those people who is in desperate need of someone telling me what the fuck I CAN do in my life......  AND that deep inside myself I AM Tony Robbins and can create my own form of him within myself.

The documentary goes on to tell the Tale of Tony Robbins and how he created himself...... who he really is (which has honestly never felt much different than who he portrays) and why he does what he does. It is put together very well and I applaud the director and everyone who made it.

I am not going to give too much away of course, because I think even someone who would be offended by his bluntness could get ALOT of out this. Tony Robbins really is one of the greats "Guru's" of our time. He may not consider himself that, but I do....

Please let me know your thoughts!

Did you see the film?

Do you share my passion?

Is he your Guru now?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How I Survived waiting for My Soulmate to 10 Year Wedding Anniversary!

May 6th, 2016 was my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary. It honestly feels so weird writing that as 10 years ago, I honestly would have never thought this day would come.

10 years may not sound a lot to some. It is unfortunately a very long time in our day and age. It is an even longer time considering we don't have any children.

My husband and I have overcome an extreme amount of obstacles. Those of which are very typical for Soulmate relationships. True Soulmates are typically not the couple that you see that is smiling and always seems happy. They are the couples that go through some of the most horrible obstacles and accomplish them and get through them together.

They are the couple that in the end, your friends and family are saying "how did you guys survive"!

Now, this is not a blog post about details of my Marriage or the things that we have been through but just to give you an idea. We have overcome Fertility issues, Addictions, Past relationships, Financial problems, Legal Issues, Loss, Culture differences, Language Barriers, Racism and every other problem that comes up in life. Not to mention that we married 2 months after we met. I mean when does that work out? Seriously? We marries so quickly that I never actually got a wedding ring. We used a super cheap couple of dollar ring that I couldn't wear for more than the duration of the wedding as it had already started to turn my finger green. I made a Pendulum out of it, and use that often though.

I am sure for him being Married to a Psychic Medium was not ideal for him. He tells people "I can't get away with anything". Which always makes me laugh as well.... its true. It has not been easy to say the least. But, everything that I have been through I always believe is for a reason. Our relationship is very strong, we are still in love, we are still attracted to each other, and everything we have been through helps me to be a better Psychic and an expert on Soulmate Relationships.

I am however an advocate on waiting for your soulmate.... and that it comes at the right time, not always when you want! Sometimes you may have to meet each other in order to begin the process. Sometimes (like in our case) the person comes in when you are not even looking, and may even think you are in love with someone else!

Regardless, soulmates are real. Everyone has at least one in this lifetime. Sometimes your soulmate may not be around to be with you, your entire life. This was the case for my Grandmother and Grandfather. My Grandfather Passed away when my Grandmother and Grandfather had been together about 36 years. My Grandmother was in her late 50's. She spent the next 30 years still in love with him, and never moved on to anyone else. She talked to him every night before she went to bed (his spirit of course) and lived life as though he was there in the shadows. She in many ways was happy and hopeful to join him on the other side, and be with him again.

Some find their soulmates early in life, maybe even during childhood and spend 70 years together. Others may find it later in life, or maybe someone from childhood or earlier in life comes back and becomes a true soulmate.

Whatever the situation is, everyone has a soulmate and when it is the right time, they will come into your life, or in some instances come back into your life. The most important thing to remember is that before a true soulmate comes in, you will begin to learn many lessons, and when they come in. The obstacles will be a plenty. Never give up, listen to your intuition, and celebrate every day you are together with your soulmate, ever moment you are preparing yourself for your soulmate, and also every relationship that comes before or after.

Love is amazing if you allow it to be.

My husband was previously married and had 3 children from his first marriage. I was worried that I would never find a soulmate as I could not have children. Sometimes things work out in mysterious ways. I wanted my soulmate to come in when I was 16. I am and was that typical girl who started planning her wedding and family very early. May have even been before 16. Now, I am glad it didn't happen then, and if some reason my soulmate and I are not meant to spend our lives together (sometimes soulmates do separate and don't spend their entire life together for reasons other than crossing over) I am grateful of all the lessons I have learned so far.

The gifts of waiting on your soulmate are as abundant as the obstacles.

You will find things like I did. Children that you thought you could not have, someone who allows you to flourish and grow, and someone to teach many things to.

Soulmates are all about balance of good and bad, yin and yang, dark and light.

It takes us often a lifetime to achieve balance and soulmates creates true balance that may also take a lifetime to achieve together.

If you would like a Soulmate reading please feel free to look at my services or contact me for more information.

I survived, and so will you. I promise.

Tony Robbins | Netflix Original 'I Am Not Your Guru' | A Biased Review

'I Am Not Your Guru' a Netflix Original Documentary Film  - That follows Tony Robins during one of his 'Date with Destiny'...