Free Will- My Perspective | Does Free Will Really Exist or are we stuck with what we have?

Free Will - My Perspective

I have been meaning to write this blog posting for quite some time… but things happen… and we are not always able to do what we want to do, when we want to do it!

I am often asked questions where someone begins “I know free will is involved but I would like to know….”. Also, many come to me and say “I got a reading and it didn’t pan out so I guess free will was involved”.

Basically I wind up repeating myself over and over and over and now I can finally put it all in one place! I want to express first and foremost that what I talk about below is MY personal beliefs about Free Will. This may differ from many people’s belief system, and is in no way meant to discredit or contradict the views of anyone else in the Metaphysical profession.

In my 22 years of learning, reading, teaching and experiencing things in the metaphysical world. I have basically broken them down into different sayings mixed between Metaphysics and Science.

“For Every Action, there is an Equal and/or Opposite Reaction” - Newton

“Things happen for a reason”

“Destiny” - Just the word.. why would it exist if there was no such thing?

The Serenity Prayer

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

I think you get the point! But the world is made up of so many different variations and versions of things that it is always hard to make an assumption on if something is meant to be or not! So, it constantly leaves us with this internal battle of not knowing what to think!

Is free will real? Is it a Joke? Is it only true sometimes? Is it an excuse people use when they are wrong or facing a problem?

Well, in my version of things… it is all true!

My definition of free will is as follows ;

Free will is the ability to make a decision that will change an outcome. It is the ability to change your mind, thought, habit, behavior, environment, goal or outcome of an event only when it does not affect your destiny or the destiny of someone else.

So,  in short,  you can make changes  or decisions that can affect your life, but you cannot change destiny! Things are going to happen if you like them or not!

Typically when I run into questions about Free Will it is regarding a relationship situation. Quite a few people believe that they are not with someone, or that they are going to pay consequences in a relationship because of what they say or do or things as such. Many things are out of our control. Some of them are in our control.

If someone says they are going to call you at a specific time, or if a Psychic tells you that someone is going to call at a specific time… well, that doesn’t always happen! Why?, because the phone call is to chit chat, is to just say hello and does not have any real purpose towards the destiny of the relationship. The only true time it would affect destiny is if the person is never meant to contact you again! If you are destined to be apart and never reconnect in this life. Or, if the phone call is meant to start up a relationship, but if it is something that is menial, even though it may not feel like it, well, it just isn’t something that is going to change or make a difference to destiny!

This is why we have a choice in many tasks we do. We can put things off and do them tomorrow, we can choose if we go to the store or not, but if you are born destined to be a Doctor or a Lawyer, eventually that is going to happen!

If a relationship is meant to be… if the 2 people are true soulmates and not just soul connections (blog posts coming soon) then pretty much everything that happens in the relationship is meant to be. You could chose things like the timing you move in together, the timing you get married, but the outcome will always stay the same. You will be together!

If a relationship is not meant to be or you just have a soul connection to that person, then most of the in between doesn’t matter, and you can shape things the way they are going to happen. Some people are brought into our life because we have past lives with them, some because we are meant to learn something about ourselves or teach them something. But not everyone is destined to stay in our lives.

So it is complicated but many use free will as an excuse for when things do not pan out. When in my experience Free Will can only come into play when it does not mingle with destiny. If you are in a relationship right now and it is not your soulmate, the universe is not going to allow you to miss your soulmate. Our current circumstances will not affect things that are destined to happen! From a Psychic perspective however, we are not always allowed to see who soulmates are and who soul connections are. I have many people who come to me and say 200 Psychics said that me and so n so were meant to be together and we were meant to get married or whatever the situation. But, it didn’t happen so I guess his/her free will kicked in. No… that is not true! The other person may have chose certain paths that they went down but they did not all of a sudden change destiny. What typically happens during this time is that Soul Connections are connections that are meant to be. It is destined. Some of us could have 1000 soul connections in our life-time but for us Psychics it is not always clear! Sometimes soul connections are so strong that they almost “fool” psychics energy wise! So, even psychics can be fooled!

But in close,  Free Will is often used as an excuse when things don’t pan out the way people want or plan, but remember,if something is meant to be it is going to happen regardless and even the most gifted psychic may not have all the answers or know the outcome. That is why I tell people to stay away from Psychics who say they are 100% accurate… as there is no such thing.

Accuracy is based on the connection between the Reader and the Client, if the situation being read is based on something that is Destiny or that can be changed, the connection that the reader is able to make between other people in the reading, the psychic abilities of both Reader and Client, the tools used (ie tarot, pendulum), and the method of gathering the information. I read energy. So, when people are low or high energy it does affect my readings, if I am not in a good stable place energy wise, it affects the readings. It has taken me 22 years of readings, life experience, research, teaching and learning about the world, people, myself and how to interpret messages to get to the accuracy level I am at.

The one thing that I can 100% guarantee is that if something is meant to be, then it is going to happen… if it is not… then it is not… no matter what a Psychic says. We are in no way shape or form given the ability to change destiny. So, if you come to a Psychic and ask a question on how to change destiny and they give you an answer… always question if that is possible. Because all gifts are just that… gifts. They can be taken away, they can break, and they can be overused..

So, when faced with a situation the worst thing that you could do would be to contact 50 Psychics and ask them all the same question because everyone is different, everyone has a different gift and unfortunately this is a world of manipulation and greed and some may not have a gift at all.  

So… in conclusion. Free Will is based upon your own personal beliefs system. My goal was to give you a different perspective and make you think. So, hopefully I accomplished that today! <3


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