The 4 Basic Rules of Life | In Memory of Lauretta E. Jones.

The 4 Basic Rules of Life by Rachel Marie

In Loving Honor of my Grandmother who crossed over on 7/9/14 and is now reunited with the love of her life after 33 years! 
The last 11 Months, have quite honestly been the most Exciting and the most Horrible 11 Months of my life! It has confirmed many of my spiritual beliefs, tested my sanity, given me the opportunity to feel every emotion one human can feel, and some of them at the same time... on the same day. It quite literally has been a roller coaster ride. From Purchasing my First New Car.... to major health issues.... to healing myself in and out..... to opening myself up to new friends for the first time in 8 years.... to realizing my true path has been there right under my nose.... to losing one of the most influential people in my life... and in between living my life, building a business, and realizing exactly who I am as a person. I feel like the last 11 months have provided me opportunity, forced me to slow down, open my eyes, work on issues, and do everything that I can every day to live without regret. Now... that the roller coaster ride seems to be over....
How do you take everything that you have been through, felt, and had to deal with... and begin to evolve from it! I have over the last few months realized that Manifesting can come in many forms, you can manifest negative, you can manifest positive, and we are not always aware of what we are manifesting. If we are used to being in chaos and life slows down.... don't we tend to create chaos? How does one walk away, calm, cool and with a better understanding of ones self, rather than walking away hurt, scorned, bruised, and overwhelmed? I have yet to figure this out, but am working on it! The roller coaster may be over... and maybe it's not.... but, I am taking everything that I have learned and putting it towards a new me... a me with new hopes, dreams and attempting to Manifest Positive Change.
Even though the Chaos is calming down.... getting my mind straight is proving difficult, and realizing that I have to slow down, take a look around, and get organized, is taking its toll.... Thankfully... for me... I have learned patience, acceptance, self-self love... and understand that everything that I go through will benefit me, because everything that I learn in my life, will ultimately benefit the people that I work with in my business. The best way I am finding to deal with the chaos, is to not pay attention to it..... I am working on what I have in front of me, what is behind me and around me, and accomplishing things.... this is helping me to not let all of the chaos come back, overwhelm me and shut me down! For those of you who know me, this may be tough to deal with, as I am typically multi-tasking, all over the place, and reliable. This has not changed, I am the same person, I have just grown and evolved and realize that life is too short to dwell on things, to get angry over things out of our control.... and it has reinforced my personal belief that things happen when they are meant to happen 10x over! The moral of the story is...
No matter who you come across today, no matter who they are to you, if they are a friend, a colleague, a family member, someone you depend on, someone you just met yesterday.... remember the 4 basic rules of life.... treat everyone how you want to be treated yourself, have patience, love and understanding for all the Universe's creatures, Know that things will happen when they are supposed to, and that no matter how hard we try... we cannot change things that are beyond our control. I want to thank everyone in my life, and not in my life, for your support... your encouragement, your patience, your love and your friendship over the last 11 months. Together we can work together as an Empowering Universe to manifest change in our own lives, in others, and inspire the world!
Rachel Marie | Psychic - Healer - Coach


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