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Pink Full Moon | Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period Will Knock us on our Butts! Astro Outlook PART ONE

Hold on to your Butts because the next 6 weeks is going to be a wild ride that technically started about a week ago! Astrological Outlook 4.21.16 to 5.31.16 | Full Moon | Mercury Retrograde | 5 Planet Retrograde | A bipolar 6 week Journey that is going to force us to Finish what we started working on at the beginning of 2016. This includes everything from projects we started, to relationships that began or ended, to making tons of decisions about your current way of life. This period of time is going to be chaotic, tough, easy, happy, sad, emotional, and pretty much everything you could think of, all within a 6 week period. But, once it is done, so much will have been accomplished, decided, and much past baggage will have been sorted, dealt with, thrown away, or reused! Now, with everything that I have read, researched and even just my own intuition. I honestly feel that this retrograde really is going to be a good one. I don't ever recall actually saying that about a retrogra

The Path TV Series on Hulu | Aaron Paul Cult/Metaphysical Drama | An Honest Review

This is an open and honest review about a show that I find quite Metaphysical and I highly recommend. I will try to not give any spoilers, but it could happen, and you have been warned.  I don't know about you, but I sure have been withdrawing from my weekly doses of 'Breaking Bad' ever since the series ended. So much that I subscribed to Netflix and re watched the show in its entirety again.. ok, maybe twice... LOL When I heard that Aaron Paul was going to be on a Hulu Original Series (only airs on Hulu ) called 'The Path'... I was more than ready to get me some Jesse Pinkman love! I was however very disappointed when I decided to read some reviews before viewing the show that really were not encouraging. I try to read some reviews or info about a show before hand because I am tired of all the shows that I like getting cancelled and not getting a proper ending. So, after struggling, I decided I had an hour to kill and if I didn't think it was worth it, I

Loving a New Pet after Pet Loss | Embracing My Malti-Pug (Maltese/Pug Mix)

Recently I have been reflecting on the last couple of years and how much Loss I have had. Loss and Grief has been a pretty big constant for a few years, and it has made it very difficult to focus on any of the real positives or things that I have actually gained in my life. Lessons, people, relationships, and well my beautiful Malti-Pug Gordito!  Today I was looking at my Amazing dog with so much love, that I was so drawn to looking up information on his life span. How long will my dog live? Well, Malti-Pug is a newer breed and there is not much information, but that got me thinking.... Why is it so important for me to know how long he is gong to be here?  I grew up with Cats, always have been a cat person, and liked Dogs but never had much experience with them. We lost a few family cats a long the way in my life. It was not the same though as when I lost MY cat a few years ago. It was the first animal that choose me specifically and it was the first animal that I had to decide t