Psychic Time Frames | How accurate are they really?

Time Frames... the good, the bad and the ugly!

Most of the Readings that I do wind up requiring some sort of time frame! I love having the ability to offer time frames. There are a lot of Psychics that do not offer time frames or refuse to give them! I on the other hand believe that time frames are a vital part of a reading!

I do however, feel like I have to explain how time frames work and unfortunately, sometimes don’t work!

Recently I have received some negative feedback from a client! This client states that my reading was not accurate because the time frame was in accurate! Not because the prediction did not come true... but, because the time frame was different then what I gave, it made it in accurate!

Now, from a personal standpoint I can understand the confusion! So, I want to clear up confusion about time frames, how I get my time frames, and what can influence them!

How do I get my Time Frames?

Method 1

Most of the time when I am giving a reading I am utilizing solely my personal intuition! This is when it is regarding personal questions. The way my readings work is all about transference. You transfer your energy to me, and if there is someone else involved their energy is transferred to you, then to me... and so on and so forth. When I sense a particular energy that is stronger than another I am able to devise a time frame from this. I am able to sense if something is going to happen sooner or later! This is how I determine if something is going to happen immediately or if it will take time.

Method 2

Once I have established if something is going to happen sooner or later. I can then try to pin down a clearer time frame, such as weeks, months or years. This is done by closing my eyes and meditating for a moment. Then I will have a flash of either pictures, numbers or letters. For example... if I am faced with a question of “When will x find their soulmate”... I sense the energy is very strong, so I know it is happening soon... So, I close my eyes and ask my intuition and spirit guide to show me a sign of when. If I get a 1 and I know it is happening sooner than later. Then I estimate that will be within 1 week. If I then say 1 week and I get an overwhelming sensation over my body. Then, I know I have received the message correctly.

Method 3

The final method that I use is a Pendulum. My Pendulum and myself are best friends! I have relied on my pendulum to give me time frames for over a decade and she has proven accuracy!

How Accurate are time frames?

To be honest! I give my personal time frames about 75% accuracy! I can guarantee the reading... but i cannot guarantee the time frame!

Why do time frames not work out sometimes?

Now... Here is where we come to the hard part! There is so much that can influence time frames. So here is the best way to explain it!

Today, I took a day off! I had planned on going and getting a bunch of stuff done. I was so excited to run my errands, and I planned them the entire week. I had them planned with grocery lists and everything! Then i woke up, felt a little tired and groggy and decided to put off most of my list.

Does this mean that I will not get the things that I need? No! I just decided to do it at a different time. My free will allowed me the opportunity to put it off for another day!

This is exactly how time frames work! Everyone has their free will to choose what they can and cannot do day by day! They may put things off for later, they may put things off for weeks, months. It is their own choice! On my time frame I am not going to see if they decide to make a different choice. When I am giving a reading, they have not been faced with that choice yet!

Sometimes you have the power to change time frames, and sometimes you don’t! Sometimes you can influence others to do things faster and sometimes you cannot. So, I always say... to use time frames as a template... but do not take them as something set in stone! Because typically so many things influence a time frame.

This does not mean if a time frame does not pan out the day, week or month I read for you, that you need to schedule a new reading for a new time frame. You can if you want to. But the only thing that happened was the time frame did not happen exactly when we thought for whatever reason. This does not mean that anything I have said in the reading as changed!

If Free will can change a time frame, then can it change a reading?

The answer to this is yes and no! Free will does only go so far! We have a choice on what we do on a daily basis. We have a choice on if we are motivated or not, if we are scared to do something or not, if we need time for ourselves, if we want to wait to contact that person, and things as such!

For example... if you are meant to be a Doctor in this life... you cannot change and be a waiter! You are meant for greater good! You cannot change who your soulmate is as that is set in stone! This person is someone that is meant to be in your life.. even if it is good or bad!

But you can change your mind if you are going to contact someone today or not, or if you are going to go to the store or not!

In Conclusion!

Have patience with the time frame... and faith in yourself, the reading and the fact that you deserve whatever it is you are waiting for! Throwing out negative energy can influence everything in our lives!

So take care and be loved!


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