Friday, July 15, 2016

Tony Robbins | Netflix Original 'I Am Not Your Guru' | A Biased Review

'I Am Not Your Guru' a Netflix Original Documentary Film  - That follows Tony Robins during one of his 'Date with Destiny' Shows. It also goes behind the scenes and shows everything about the 'Guru'. You can find more information on the Tony Robbins Website /

WARNING: Spoiler Alert and Explicit Language Alert

I myself have been a huge fan and follower of Tony Robbins for most of my life. Everyone needs someone that they admire and aspire to be. Even though I am a Psychic Medium and don't consider myself a Guru I still find him more of a Inspiration and someone that I admire more than the other long time Psychic Medium's in my field. I have read most of his books beginning with 'Awaken the Giant within'. I like him, because he is honest. He is about being honest, telling the painful truth, and being Fucking blunt. Which I love as that is my truth that I live daily.

I have been anticipating this film since I heard of its existence, and honestly due to how much it does cost to attend a 'Date with Destiny' Session (Right now GA Tickets for his Florida conference are aprox $5000.00) this is probably the closest I could get right now to being a part of his show. But, I am not going to bash him for the price because even though I have only seen videos of the events and I can't afford it. It feels very worth it.

Most have also heard the controversy regarding his Fire Walking events that happened recently where 30 people were burned. Which is of course something that could happen when you add flame to skin.

But...... On to my Biased Review. 

The Film starts amazing. The Tony Robbins that I am inside comes out within the first few moments. Some people may find it offensive that Tony Robbins uses so much profanity during his conferences. So, if you have little children around, this may not be the best thing to watch with them as he is NOT your Child's Guru. In the opening scenes he is discussing why an attendee of the event would like to kill himself. When the Attendee is deep in thought thinking of why he hates himself. Tony Abruptly changes the subject...

Tony Robbins "Why do you hate yourself?" 
Attendee - breathes heavily deep in thought........
Tony Robbins "Is it the Red Shoes?" (the attendee has very red sneakers on)
Attendee "What?"
Tony Robbins "IS it the Red Shoes?"  
Attendee - looks down "No!"
Tony Robbins "Are you sure? Cuz they're fuckin red!" 
- The Audience and the Attendee Laugh. 
Tony Robbins - Touches the mans face "Don't you be smiling like that. You'll fuck everything up."

He uses a form of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that takes people out of their own minds and tricks their brains to focus on something else and open them up. I mean within seconds the man went from Crying and shaking and feeling sorry for himself, to laughing. Which is what we honestly should all be doing when it comes to tough situations. If one simple comment can take this man out of over thinking his problems and focusing on the now, then why is he not doing that for himself?   I have studied NLP myself and eventually will post a blog about NLP and what I have learned from it.

Tony later on tells the attendee as his face twitches with passion.....

"You have just begun and your NOT going to fuck it up!" 
"Your going to take your time to develop and your going to enjoy a little bit along the way."

You can see, those 2 sentences alone, changed this mans life. Sometimes, we just need to hear the truth. Sometimes, we just need to have someone tells us what it is we CAN achieve in life. This is the Power of Tony Robbins.

So, after 2 hours of crying.... feeling bad about myself..... feeling good about myself.... cursing at myself... and knowing that I am one of those people who is in desperate need of someone telling me what the fuck I CAN do in my life......  AND that deep inside myself I AM Tony Robbins and can create my own form of him within myself.

The documentary goes on to tell the Tale of Tony Robbins and how he created himself...... who he really is (which has honestly never felt much different than who he portrays) and why he does what he does. It is put together very well and I applaud the director and everyone who made it.

I am not going to give too much away of course, because I think even someone who would be offended by his bluntness could get ALOT of out this. Tony Robbins really is one of the greats "Guru's" of our time. He may not consider himself that, but I do....

Please let me know your thoughts!

Did you see the film?

Do you share my passion?

Is he your Guru now?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How I Survived waiting for My Soulmate to 10 Year Wedding Anniversary!

May 6th, 2016 was my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary. It honestly feels so weird writing that as 10 years ago, I honestly would have never thought this day would come.

10 years may not sound a lot to some. It is unfortunately a very long time in our day and age. It is an even longer time considering we don't have any children.

My husband and I have overcome an extreme amount of obstacles. Those of which are very typical for Soulmate relationships. True Soulmates are typically not the couple that you see that is smiling and always seems happy. They are the couples that go through some of the most horrible obstacles and accomplish them and get through them together.

They are the couple that in the end, your friends and family are saying "how did you guys survive"!

Now, this is not a blog post about details of my Marriage or the things that we have been through but just to give you an idea. We have overcome Fertility issues, Addictions, Past relationships, Financial problems, Legal Issues, Loss, Culture differences, Language Barriers, Racism and every other problem that comes up in life. Not to mention that we married 2 months after we met. I mean when does that work out? Seriously? We marries so quickly that I never actually got a wedding ring. We used a super cheap couple of dollar ring that I couldn't wear for more than the duration of the wedding as it had already started to turn my finger green. I made a Pendulum out of it, and use that often though.

I am sure for him being Married to a Psychic Medium was not ideal for him. He tells people "I can't get away with anything". Which always makes me laugh as well.... its true. It has not been easy to say the least. But, everything that I have been through I always believe is for a reason. Our relationship is very strong, we are still in love, we are still attracted to each other, and everything we have been through helps me to be a better Psychic and an expert on Soulmate Relationships.

I am however an advocate on waiting for your soulmate.... and that it comes at the right time, not always when you want! Sometimes you may have to meet each other in order to begin the process. Sometimes (like in our case) the person comes in when you are not even looking, and may even think you are in love with someone else!

Regardless, soulmates are real. Everyone has at least one in this lifetime. Sometimes your soulmate may not be around to be with you, your entire life. This was the case for my Grandmother and Grandfather. My Grandfather Passed away when my Grandmother and Grandfather had been together about 36 years. My Grandmother was in her late 50's. She spent the next 30 years still in love with him, and never moved on to anyone else. She talked to him every night before she went to bed (his spirit of course) and lived life as though he was there in the shadows. She in many ways was happy and hopeful to join him on the other side, and be with him again.

Some find their soulmates early in life, maybe even during childhood and spend 70 years together. Others may find it later in life, or maybe someone from childhood or earlier in life comes back and becomes a true soulmate.

Whatever the situation is, everyone has a soulmate and when it is the right time, they will come into your life, or in some instances come back into your life. The most important thing to remember is that before a true soulmate comes in, you will begin to learn many lessons, and when they come in. The obstacles will be a plenty. Never give up, listen to your intuition, and celebrate every day you are together with your soulmate, ever moment you are preparing yourself for your soulmate, and also every relationship that comes before or after.

Love is amazing if you allow it to be.

My husband was previously married and had 3 children from his first marriage. I was worried that I would never find a soulmate as I could not have children. Sometimes things work out in mysterious ways. I wanted my soulmate to come in when I was 16. I am and was that typical girl who started planning her wedding and family very early. May have even been before 16. Now, I am glad it didn't happen then, and if some reason my soulmate and I are not meant to spend our lives together (sometimes soulmates do separate and don't spend their entire life together for reasons other than crossing over) I am grateful of all the lessons I have learned so far.

The gifts of waiting on your soulmate are as abundant as the obstacles.

You will find things like I did. Children that you thought you could not have, someone who allows you to flourish and grow, and someone to teach many things to.

Soulmates are all about balance of good and bad, yin and yang, dark and light.

It takes us often a lifetime to achieve balance and soulmates creates true balance that may also take a lifetime to achieve together.

If you would like a Soulmate reading please feel free to look at my services or contact me for more information.

I survived, and so will you. I promise.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Deadbeat a Hulu Original Show | Spirit Communication and Drugs| An Honest Review

After watching 'The Path' I realized that Hulu had a couple of Original Programs and I honestly had no idea. This is an Honest Review of Deadbeat a Paranormal Comedy. I plan to review and not give any spoilers but sometimes I just can't control myself. You have been warned!

I actually had no idea this was a Paranormal Comedy before I watched it, and I literally was just bored and flipped on the first episode once I saw there were 3 seasons. I figured that if it has 3 seasons someone has to be watching it right?

At first I thought it was going to be a show making fun of Medium's, or a comedy version of Psyche or the Mentalist where they are fraud's posing as psychics and do a lot of debunking. Instead, within the first 3 minutes I was laughing so hard I started to cry.

If you are old enough do you remember the old 'This is your brain on drugs' tv commercials the National Drug Administration put out? I think it was during the 80's or early 90's. If not here is the link to the youtube video Anyway's Deadbeat is a weekly 30 Minute PSA showing what a Psychic Medium's brain on drugs would be like!

So..... if you like Medium's... and don't mind "stoner-comedy". This is for you. But, the writers are great and sometimes I feel exactly like he does! So, if you have some time to kill that you don't mind never getting back, check it out! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

April 28th, 2016 5 Planet Retrograde Mercury RX | Prepare to lose your F-ing mind and find it again! | Astro Outlook PART 2

Mercury Retrograde April/May 2016
April 28th, 2016 to May 22nd, 2015

What is a Retrograde? 

This is a General Description - The way each retrograde will effect us is based on whatever your Sign is, your natal chart (Astrology Chart) including your moon signs, sun signs ect. There is a commonality however to the effects of what each retrograde is, and what it is meant to accomplish during its period of going from retrograde to direct. Some people may feel certain retrogrades more than others for these reasons. For example. Due to my own Natal Chart. I will/should feel the effects a bit stronger from Mars and Saturn Retrograde, and I may be able to skip over some of the extra or amplified negatives of Mercury this go round. Everyone will feel some effect and you will feel effect due to what others in your life are going through as well. 

5 Planet Retrograde 

First 5 Planet Retrograde in 10 Years.
Mercury being a part of the 5 Retrograde period can increase the negatives associated with the other 4 planets in retrograde. 

Jupiter | January 7th in Virgo | Direct May 9th in Virgo 

Promise of Success, but you will have to pass many tests and personal growth before feeling the effects and receiving the success that Jupiter will bring before it goes direct. 

Saturn - March 25th in Sagittarius | Direct August 13th in Sagittarius 

Love - Finishing what you started at the beginning of the year. 

Mars - April 17th in Sagittarius | Direct June 29th in Scorpio 

Business Success if you stick to what you are doing and don't get distracted with drama. 

Pluto - April 18th in Capricorn | Direct September 26th in Capricorn 

Fear of Letting go, Fear of being controlled. 

Mercury - April 28th in Taurus | Direct May 22nd in Taurus 

Deep buried memories and healing old wounds. The chance of people from your past coming back in to get closure, settle old Karma. 

The 2 week Shadow Period will be a clean up period, the release period and the let go period. 

So, if you don't go insane during this period, you will be good. 

So..... with the 5 Planet Retrograde, this blog posting was a bit late. But, please feel free to share any of your 5 Planet retro stories below. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pink Full Moon | Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period Will Knock us on our Butts! Astro Outlook PART ONE

Hold on to your Butts because the next 6 weeks is going to be a wild ride that technically started about a week ago!

Astrological Outlook 4.21.16 to 5.31.16 | Full Moon | Mercury Retrograde | 5 Planet Retrograde | A bipolar 6 week Journey that is going to force us to Finish what we started working on at the beginning of 2016. This includes everything from projects we started, to relationships that began or ended, to making tons of decisions about your current way of life.

This period of time is going to be chaotic, tough, easy, happy, sad, emotional, and pretty much everything you could think of, all within a 6 week period. But, once it is done, so much will have been accomplished, decided, and much past baggage will have been sorted, dealt with, thrown away, or reused!

Now, with everything that I have read, researched and even just my own intuition. I honestly feel that this retrograde really is going to be a good one. I don't ever recall actually saying that about a retrograde before. It just feels that even though everything is still chaotic, that it is coming to an end, and I am starting to feel more balanced energy wise and am able to focus on what I need to focus on, rather than being distracted.

Now, my whole reason for writing this was not to weigh it down with Astrological terms, and to honestly just warn everyone that some sh*t is about to go down, but everything is going to be alright. But, to explain a bit of what is going on here we go.

Right now we are in Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period , it began on April 14th and will continue in shadow period until Mercury Turns Retrograde on April 28th. Mercury is going into retrograde (I will eventually type out a blog about retrogrades to really explain) which is when it positions itself for a period of time before beginning to travel again. During this period of time we are usually effected per whatever astrology sign Mercury stops in. This retrograde it is in the sign of Taurus and will last until May 22nd, but we will continue to feel the effects until about June 7th,

Today We are in the Pink Full Moon Period, where we have 4 Planets in retrograde (all stopped in a particular sign) and with Mercury on the way. This full moon is going to be amazing. I can already feel the energy that is surrounding it. But, it is also a very very bipolar time as the Moon is in Scorpio. So, we have Taurus and Scorpio amplified!

It means that over the next 48 hours we are going to be making a lot of decisions and some of those decisions may change. We may have made a decisions previous that now changes. For example relationships. You have have thought that you really wanted to be in this relationship, but now suddenly you may start to see the relationship for what it truly is and decide you don't want it. Perhaps you are doing something during you day job or business wise that you don't like to do, but you do it because it makes you money. You may now decide that the money you make isn't as important as how you feel, and change this up. But, whatever it is for you, just listen to your gut and know that you are making the right decisions.

Now, the Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde effect communication. So, do be aware that technology could go on the fritz, people who are poor with communication could be worse. A communication you are waiting on may not arrive ect. So, have patience with communication, especially if you are the kind of person that relies on communication for business, survival, or are just someone who loves to communicate. People with high energy may feel the need to relax, and people with low energy may feel high energy.

If someone has been stuck in a rut about a particular issue they MAY wind up making an actual decision and start to put steps together towards fixing or managing that issue. Some issues may be too big to get together in the next 48 hours, but whatever is left over will be taken care of during the Mercury retrograde period.

I honestly wanted to make sure that I got this out there to prepare people before it is too late, but please stay tuned for PART TWO that I will be posting about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde and the 5 Planet Retrograde in Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Path TV Series on Hulu | Aaron Paul Cult/Metaphysical Drama | An Honest Review

This is an open and honest review about a show that I find quite Metaphysical and I highly recommend. I will try to not give any spoilers, but it could happen, and you have been warned. 

I don't know about you, but I sure have been withdrawing from my weekly doses of 'Breaking Bad' ever since the series ended. So much that I subscribed to Netflix and re watched the show in its entirety again.. ok, maybe twice... LOL

When I heard that Aaron Paul was going to be on a Hulu Original Series (only airs on Hulu) called 'The Path'... I was more than ready to get me some Jesse Pinkman love! I was however very disappointed when I decided to read some reviews before viewing the show that really were not encouraging. I try to read some reviews or info about a show before hand because I am tired of all the shows that I like getting cancelled and not getting a proper ending. So, after struggling, I decided I had an hour to kill and if I didn't think it was worth it, I would just call it quits after ep. 1. Well, I just watched episode 5, so here we are! 

A mix of all of this, plus the fact that I have been wanting to blog about a couple of other Metaphysical shows like 'Six Feet Under' and 'Lost', sparked me to finally write my first ever show  review! So, here it is... and I hope for many more to come! 

After I watched the first episode I was quite excited and amazed at the fact that Aaron Paul was able to transform as an actor from his best known character of Jesse Pinkman into a 30 something family man living and working in a compound that has a belief system that is about "Finding the Light" called the 'Meyerist Movement" which in my humble opinion is very similar to what I know of Scientology mixed with a bit of Mormonism but set in a Hippy Style Compound. The story line centers around many characters inside and outside of the compound dealing with their inner struggles of questioning their faith, decisions and values. Each episode to this point answers some questions and secrets and then opens up more. 

The Path stars Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Michelle Monaghan (Made of Honor), Hugh Dancy (Hannibal), and Rockmond Dunbar (Sons of Anarchy). Aaron Paul is also one of the producers of the show also. Apparently it was originally to be titled "The Way" but was changed due to it being similar to a real life ministry called The Way International, but from what I ready about The Way International it doesn't seem to be that similar to the show. 

The key elements of the show that made me want to blog about it are honestly the Metaphysical aspects of the show. Manifestation Visions, finding your way in life, and achieving balance and increasing your intuition while trying to make the right decisions for yourselves and others. These are honestly the fundamentals of our existence as humans and we struggle constantly to achieve balance in everything and to question or faith.  Every action has a re action. It is borderline a psychological thriller, as there is enough questions raised to get you to want to watch the next episode, but so far not too many to make you feel like you don't know what is going on. Which then leaves enough room for you to question your own beliefs. 

Now, I like what I call "real" shows that have a dialogue that is closer to "real life" but be warned that they do throw quite a few 'F-Bombs' around, there is quite a bit of sexual content, and the story line is pretty heavy. With that being said, I wouldn't recommend this as a Wednesday night family show with a younger generation. I think it would raise too many questions and make you do way too much google research to answer all their little questions. 

Now as I said I am only on episode 5, and even though there is a clear 'Hero/Villain' situation going on the writers and actors have done a wonderful job of allowing you to like and dislike the personalities of all characters so far, but at the same time there is not one trustworthy character among them. 

It does make you think, so if you do watch it, I say spend some time to really think outside the box, don't get too caught up in it being a drama tv show, and pay attention to the lessons each character is learning, struggling with and attempting to reconcile in their lives. Sometimes it takes questioning ourselves and our faith, to begin to actually have faith. 

There are only a few negatives or well things that bother me a bit about the show. It is honestly having to do with the main female character that Michelle Monaghan plays. I guess first I should say that I loved the tv show 'Big Love' about a family living in plural marriage in the Fundamentalist Mormon Religion. The Path does have some of the same undertones as Big love did with regards to the lessons learned, the dialogue ect. But, it is a very different show. So, anyways to get back to what I was saying about Michelle Monaghan is that it bothers me that she looks and acts so much like Jeanne Tripplehorn who played the first wife of the main character in Big Love. It is almost too much of a coincidence that it bothers me. 

The other is that you can sense that they are being very careful to not step on anyone's toes with regards to discussing details of the actual religion. I mean slowly you are seeing more, but I just get the sense that even when the show ends, we will never have a "clear" perspective of the religion itself. It is understandable however as religion is such a sensitive topic and can be taken out of context very quickly. 

Oh, and one more awesome thing. The 16 year old son of Aaron Paul's Character has the most beautiful hair. I am so envious. Seriously, I would probably watch it just to oogle over the fact that yet another Man/Boy has more beautiful hair than me! Can someone connect me to his stylist please? 

No one in my personal life is watching the show yet, so I have been unsuccessful in any real deep discussions with others, but let me know what you think about the show?  I hope it continues with the same momentum and if you are looking for something that could potentially open up some of your own issues or wounds here you go! 

So, there it is. Again, this is my very first review ever for a T.V. Show, and I may update it as the series progresses. I hope to have more reviews on some other T.V shows that joggled my Metaphysical Mind like 'Being Erica', and perhaps some of my "metaphysical" movies that I like, and I do have a few book reviews that I have yet to post as well. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Loving a New Pet after Pet Loss | Embracing My Malti-Pug (Maltese/Pug Mix)

Recently I have been reflecting on the last couple of years and how much Loss I have had. Loss and Grief has been a pretty big constant for a few years, and it has made it very difficult to focus on any of the real positives or things that I have actually gained in my life. Lessons, people, relationships, and well my beautiful Malti-Pug Gordito! 

Today I was looking at my Amazing dog with so much love, that I was so drawn to looking up information on his life span. How long will my dog live? Well, Malti-Pug is a newer breed and there is not much information, but that got me thinking.... Why is it so important for me to know how long he is gong to be here? 

I grew up with Cats, always have been a cat person, and liked Dogs but never had much experience with them. We lost a few family cats a long the way in my life. It was not the same though as when I lost MY cat a few years ago. It was the first animal that choose me specifically and it was the first animal that I had to decide that him crossing the rainbow bridge was the best thing for him. It hit me amazingly hard. 

Shortly thereafter I lost 2 family members quickly and unexpectedly. 

Then, another devastating loss, the loss of my Beautiful and Amazing Husky Dog Nikita. At this point, I was pretty dead set that I was not going to get anymore animals than the couple of cats I still had and once they were gone, I was not going to open up my heart anymore to animals. My heart was broken. Maybe I was never meant to be a dog owner? 

My husband was also devastated. I never saw so much emotion from him about the loss of anything until Nikita left us. I imagine it was very similar to a couple losing a child. We posted blame on each other, we showed our emotions together and apart. 

Up until this point in my life, I have yet to have living child. Infertility and hormonal reasons are the cause, and I have grappled with it possibly being part of my life plan to not bare children of my own. So, I settled quite some time ago that I was a fur mom through and through. So, being so heart broken that I was closing off any new animal from entering my life, was almost like rediscovering my infertility all over again.  

My husband knew for a few years that I wanted to find a "friend" for Nikita as I did feel a bit bad for her that her days consisted of playing with my cats or her letting them sleep on her while you could tell she wanted to get up, but didn't want to disturb them. Nikita was a rescue and we could never ever get her to play. She spent the majority of her life outside tied to a fence and forced to breed. So, since all the tips, tricks and methods we could find did not help to pull out her "inner puppy", I always wanted to see if maybe a puppy playmate would help. We never did because we have other animals, and our plate was a bit full and our place was small. I was pretty insistent on it being a husky as I never really cared to be the pet owner to a small dog. 

Little did I know that before Nikita had crossed over, my husbands best friend's dog was pregnant with puppies and my husband already had dibs on one to hopefully be Nikita's playmate. I didn't find out until later, that the puppies were actually born the day that Nikita went to the rainbow bridge. When Nikita passed my husband gave up on the idea and told his friend to find a new home for whatever one he would save for us. Hubby never told me about the birth of the puppies or even their existence. So, the day he came home and put this tiny little baby puppy in my arms, I was pretty shocked. I started to cry, handed the puppy back and told him to bring it back, that there was NO possible way that I could have another dog. 

He asked me to hold the puppy while he got ready to bring it back to his friends. Now, maybe this was my imagination, but I believe it was honestly a sign from beyond. Because as I held him in my arms he crawled up under my neck and put his arms over my shoulder and kneaded the back of my shoulder the exact way that my cat Botitas who crossed over did. I never had another cat or any animal do that before or after, so it was quite a shock that made me burst out into tears. Literally 5 Minutes later the phone rang, and it was the Vet telling me that Nikita's Ashes were ready for me to pick them up. It was too many coincidences at once. So, when hubby came to retrieve the dog to bring back, I reluctantly said no, let him spend the night. 

Forward a year and a half later, and I realize that the cutest fat little malti-pug we named Gordito which is a stuffed Taco in Spanish, was my gift from beyond. The last year and a half was again filled with Loss, just different kinds. Losing 2 homes to devastation, a long lost friends passing, moving, job loss, marital issues, losing my best friend of 25 years, and just life changes in general. When I look back Gordito was there for all of that, and went through it with me, and showed me the joys in life. Forced me to get out of bed when I didn't want to, loved me when I didn't think I deserved it, and most of all he represents my realization that there is a silver lining to everything. 

No matter what or who you have lost, there is always a pot of gold (or in our case a fat little multi-pug) at the end of the rainbow. However, if you don't watch for the signs, you could miss out on those gifts. I could have easily, very easily told myself I was crazy and there is no way my animals reached out to tell me Gordito was a gift, and I would have missed out on one of the best things, that has ever happened to me. 

For those of you who have lost your pets or anyone in your life, I am so sorry and I feel your pain <3 When it is the right time, your heart wont heal, but it will open up enough to let someone or something in again, as long as you let it. Life is too short to live without love. 

Tony Robbins | Netflix Original 'I Am Not Your Guru' | A Biased Review

'I Am Not Your Guru' a Netflix Original Documentary Film  - That follows Tony Robins during one of his 'Date with Destiny'...