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The Seven Year Itch | The End of Survival Mode

  The Seven Year Itch! Survival mode… be gone!  It has been almost Seven years since my last blog post! Honestly, I did not even realize it until I went to my blog to see what needed to be updated.  I have sat down and tried to write so many blog posts in the last seven years. Probably about 20 or 30 half written, ideas or incomplete reviews in my library at the moment. Some will resurface in the future, and some will go into the trash.  I just knew every time that I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to put myself back out into the world after honestly 7 years or more of bad luck. To be honest, I think myself and everyone else can attest to the fact that 2012 until now, has basically just been mostly a shit show in the world.  Maybe we are in the Mandela effect world traveling in different realities, maybe we are moving into a different dimension, perhaps the Mayans were right and 12.12.12 marked the ‘end of the world as we knew it’. Regardless of what is truly going on in our human existen