Valentine's Day Part 2 From a Psychic's Perspective

Valentine’s Day is quite honestly one of the most difficult times for a Psychic. It is a time of high emotion, of high energy and a time where we get an influx of questions regarding love, past loves, soul mates, twin flames, marriage and children. Quite honestly everything and anything related to love.

It is also a time that we are typically forced to deliver bad news and/or are unable to advise someone in the right direction. Valentine’s Day is a hard day for just about everyone. Even those who have big plans, or who are married in relationships. No matter who you are, Valentine’s day brings out our inner feelings, insecurities, hopes, and sometimes stomps on our dreams. It is a time of year that people rub their love in our faces or that others are faced with break ups. Some who are going through divorces, and those looking forward to new life and starting a family.

No matter what, Valentine’s Day always brings some kind of negative memory or negative thought to the surface no matter who we are. This Valentine’s Day in 2014 is especially draining and destined to be more difficult than usual. Why you ask?

Valentine’s Day 2014

This Valentine’s Day falls in a very strange period Astrologically. We are in a Mercury Retrograde (read my blog about retrograde here). This Mercury Retrograde is all about Communication issues. So, things are predestined to go awry.

Your reservation may be wrong, you date may be late, the person you are waiting to call may be delayed. A friend may have issues. You may become extremely emotional for no reason. You may dream about a past love. You name it… retrograde is going to bring it out!

So, based on Astrology my advice for Valentine’s Day 2014 is to GO WITH THE FLOW!

Spend time on yourself and work on past issues with love. Focus on the positives in your life. Everyone has someone who loves them, and everyone loves someone. Try not to think about past loves, what is going on in your current relationship, when that soul mate is coming into your life. Try to focus on the now, who is in your life now? Treat yourself, your Mother, your Children, your best friend to a lunch date.

Most of all, Don’t be Jealous. Don’t allow the advertisements on tv, the “happy couples” on facebook, and the Valentine’s Day discount coupon for 2 make you feel jealous of someone else’s relationship. Most “happy” relationships are the one’s that don’t last. It is the relationships with difficult issues, problems and things that both need to work on that survive, thrive and get through hard times.

Tell someone you love them! It could be a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, even me! Because Valentine’s Day is really not about Love and Romance. It is about Celebrating life, love and the fact that we are emotional human beings capable of love. It is about Celebrating the one thing that no one can ever take away from us…. our ability to love unconditionally. One thing that I learned when I was in Mexico and from being engulfed in the culture is that they are a Country of family unity. They are a culture that celebrates family just as much or perhaps even more than Love and Romance. They celebrate the ‘Dia de Amor y Amistad’ which is the Day of Love and Friendship. That is what they call their Valentine’s Day.

Dia de Amor y Amistad - Day of Love and Friendship

Valentine’s Day celebrations in Mexico are more focused towards families and friendships,then Love and Romance last. They spend the day with family and have a cookout or barbecue. It is not uncommon for people to have a street or block party and/or rent out a location for a family reunion. Yes, they do send flowers, cards and love notes to their loved ones. But, it quite honestly is just so much more than that. It is a day to celebrate love of all kinds.

The way that they celebrate the Dia de Amor y Amistad is something that people here in the US and in other countries could really learn something from. Their celebrations are geared towards acceptance, making new friends, and appreciating family rather than love, expensive gifts, and marriage proposals. It is a time where everyone in the country is included in this time.

By including the Friendship and Family aspect it eliminates the baggage that comes with Valentine’s Day in the US. It eliminates the tendency for jealousy, sadness and loneliness that most feel on Valentine’s Day. Now, I am sure that there are of course some that do get jealous, sad or lonely but in a whole the day takes on a completely different meaning. It is a celebration of love and life from every angle. I only wish we could, as a society, learn from this and make it part of our culture.

Since I cannot change the world, What I can do is share my knowledge and encourage everyone to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day and start Celebrating the Day of Love and Friendship. We all deserve a little love in our life. Give someone love today and I guarantee you it will come back 10 fold.

Tomorrow I will have the final Blog for Valentine’s day… finally a little “puff” it will be about Soul Mates, Soul Connections and Twin flames.


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