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Grieving a Crossed Over Long Lost Friend | Signs from Heaven

It is something really difficult when a long lost friend has crossed over, and you just found out. It may be Days, Months or even Years. It is not easier because of the distance, or the lack of communication, often it is actually harder. Recently this happened to me for the first time. I have lost friends, family and pets. This however, is the first time that I have lost a long lost friend. I am going to refer to my friend as K for the purpose of this blog. She has not reached out to communicate with me yet, so I don’t want to post about her without her permission. K and I met close to 15 years ago. We worked together, became extremely fast friends and loved every moment of it. She was a bit over 20 years older than me, but her spirit was that of a magnificent innocent sculpture. I began to get to know her children quickly, and her and I spent every moment we weren’t working together, together. I was in a brand new town at the time, and she showed me the ropes and invited me t