Chat/Messenger Readings

Chat Readings are Available! 

Chat Readings are available via Whatsapp, Facebook, gchat or Webchat on my website. 

Chat Readings are a unique way to have a reading, and be able to save it forever! You can participate or you can just let me talk! 

You must be 18 or Older to Purchase

Readings are Scheduled on a Daily or Next Day only. 

If you would like to schedule a chat reading, contact me by text, email or any of my social networking! I am sure we can find a time to suit us both! 

Payment is due before the Session time. Payment can be made here via the button below, or direct via PayPal or Venmo @psychicrach

No refunds for any reason

20 Minute Session              $65.00USD
30 Minute Session              $90.00USD
60 Minute Session              $165.00USD

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