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Live - Love - Grieve - Learn - Prosper - Teach

Rachel Marie is an Intuitive, Psychic/Medium, Healer, Intuitive Coach and all-around Metaphysical professional. Receiving details regarding future events, reading peoples transference energy and communicating with spirit all began at birth. The daughter and grandchild of a long line of very skilled and gifted Intuitive Psychic Medium's, Rachel found her calling at an early age, and had the support necessary to do so. 

With over 20 years dedicated to perfecting her craft in Metaphysics,  Rachel has achieved other accolades. Earning degree's in Psychology, Medical Massage Therapy, biochemistry and Addictions Studies. Never straying far from her calling of helping and healing others. 

Rachel does not use any tools while conducting her sessions. Her natural gifts, ability to read energies and tuning into spirit is her secret weapon. 

Specializing in Career/Finance, Love/Relationships, family issues along with helping others to find their path and purpose in life. Rachel is no stranger to difficult situations and never makes anyone feel as though they should be ashamed and judged for their life paths. Everyone is a unique butterfly in Rachel's eyes. No one deserves to feel less than. 

Empowerment, Encouragement, and Empathy are the biggest gifts Rachel can share with the world. She prides herself on being Ethical, Educated and has uncanny integrity. 

Rachel has been featured at many events, television and has conducted sessions and readings worldwide for over 20 years. Some of her appearances include;

Various private gallery events across the Midwest
Featured on Fox21 News in Duluth, Minnesota
Featured on the Nancy Pristine Show
Featured Medium at Body Lab USA
Featured in the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota

Rachel, originally from Minnesota currently lives between Coahuila de Zaragoza Mexico and Texas with her husband of 14 years and her 3 dogs. She spends her days enjoying a quiet life writing, creating videos, and conducting Psychic Readings from her home via Text, Email, Video, Phone, and Chat. Conducting her podcast, writing horoscopes and enjoyes crafts, painting, reading and never turns down a great new Television Series. 

Rachel is an open book, ready to help with any situation, big or small. Connect with your crossed over loved ones, or coach you on the next steps of your life by leaving you with her Mantra.....

Live, Love, Grieve, Learn, Prosper, Teach

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