About Rachel

Rachel Marie is a Psychic/Medium who has dedicated the last 18 years to guiding people through the many challenges in life that we all face daily. She is able to do that by using her gifts of future sight (Psychic) and spirit communication (Medium).

Communicating with Spirit began for Rachel when she was just a toddler. The gift of sight presented itself as a teenager where after many trials and tribulations, she began understanding her life path and destiny. She comes from a long line of natural Psychics on both sides of her family. Rachel prides herself on being honest, educated and having a strict code of ethics.

Rachel provides Psychic Readings, Mediumship/Spirit Communication, Astrological forecasts and Intuitive Coaching, A podcast on blog talk radio and plans in the works for a youtube channel dedicated to everything Metaphysical related. She does not typically use any tools during her readings. Her natural gifts of sight and spirit communication, auto writing and if needed from time to time will use a pendulum for confirmation, is all that is needed during her sessions.

Though born and raised her entire life in Minnesota, in 2017 Rachel, her husband and their pup Gordito moved to Mexico. Where they reside most of the year. They then adopted another pup, Jenny. Rachel spends her free time helping local dog rescues and working on many art projects, and creative projects. Reading, relaxing and enjoying life as much as possible in tranquility and peace.

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