About Rachel

About Rachel

" I am a Natural Born Psychic Medium. I began the journey of Soul Searching and Teaching myself how to use and control my gifts at the age of 13. My thirst for knowledge led me on an educational path in the fields of Astrology, Massage Therapy, Life and Business Coaching, Naturopathy, Addiction and Drug Coaching, and Sex Coaching all in which I hold various degrees and/or certifications. Being an animal lover led me on the path towards animal communication. I am constantly learning, growing and teaching"
- I cannot help you grow... if I cannot grow myself!
- Rachel Marie 2013

That is a photo of me when I was a baby! Just a normal girl born to a young single Mother. My Mom describes me as a happy baby that had a difficult time going to sleep. I was sick a lot as a child with colds, tonsil problems and what not. Things pretty typical to a baby I believe. I personally don't remember being Psychic as a child but my family does. I did not know until I was older and gained the confidence to chat about my abilities with my family.

My aunt said that when I was young around 4 or 5 that she remembered several specific experiences where we would be in the car together. I would be chatting to myself. She would ask me "Who are you talking to"? I would reply back "My Friend"! I would just keep chatting away.
I personally remember being young around the same age. I remember having a difficult time sleeping at night. I would see figures, and shadows. I was a child though.... so it would scare me. I am not sure if it was visions, or just my mind changing what i would see, but I would get out of bed and see bugs covering the floor. It would take me quite a long time to get up enough nerves to step between the bugs and get to my Mother's room to lay in bed with her. I still to this day am confused by this. I am not sure if this was my spirit guide testing me, or as I said earlier...perhaps it was what my mind wanted to see...rather than what I actually saw.

My Grandfather Raymond is in this picture. He crossed over before I was born. He crossed over December and I was born in October the following year. My Mom believes that my Grandfather's passing is a large reason for her getting close to my father...and with my parents getting closer... I came 9 months later! If I would have been a boy my name would have been Anthony Raymond after my Grandfather. When I came out a girl they named me Rachel still being sort of named after him. As a child my family called me Rae Rae.
I later in life heard a Native American story about the White Buffalo which I will put in later blog post and attach here. The story of the White buffalo made sense to me in life and changed the way I look at myself and my future. 

I would spend a lot of time at my Grandmother's house. My mom being a single mother needed all the help she could get. I would sleep upstairs in a small bedroom. I remember waking in the middle of the night and sensing something. I would look and in an office chair would be sitting a man. It never scared me. It was a very sweet and kind presence. I am not sure I realized it then or not but I know now that it was my Grandfather watching over me. Seeing my Grandfather is what really set me on the path of realizing that I was a Psychic Medium. It took me many years to understand it and to really utilize it. But, that was my first true memory of seeing someone crossed over.

Last year my Grandmother broke both of her arms. She went into a recovery center. My husband and I went down to visit her. My husband and I went to her apartment to do a few things. While we were there I saw the chair! The exact chair that I saw my Grandfather in all those years ago. I told my aunt the story about seeing my Grandfather in that chair. She told me that the chair was a gift from my Grandmother to him for Christmas. He never received the gift as he passed away before Christmas. It all made sense to me after that.

My mother also told me that when I was young... I would dance in a funny way and swing my leg around. Not really dancing... just more fun and it would make everyone laugh. It would freak everyone out because my Grandfather would dance the same way. I would have had no knowledge of that at that age. When I was 18 I received my first Psychic Reading. The woman told me that my Grandfather was around me (this was a time in my life I denied my abilities). She told me that he wanted to tell me he loved dancing. When I told my Mother about the reading I had and what the Psychic told me, mom then told me about the dancing story. This was also the first time that I was able to have open dialogue with my Mother about the things I saw when I was a child. 

Now, this leads me to my Grandmother Lauretta pictured here. I think of everyone it was my Grandmother that unknowingly made me realize my gifts and also what true love is. As a young curious child I would sneak around her house. There was one thing that I really liked to see or hear and it was right before my Grandmother would go to sleep. She would be "talking to herself" as I am sure I thought or described it back then. My Grandmother would clear the little pillows off of her's and my Grandfather's side of the bed. She would talk to him and tell him her worries and how her day went. She would chat with him as though he was right there with her. After I was older and was reliving the past in order to seek out what was going on with me. I remembered these times where I would listen. I realized that my Grandmother is Psychic and she was having a conversation with my Grandfather.

Even though my Grandmother is older and she forgets a lot, I know for a fact that she still talks to my Grandfather. My Grandma never remarried, she never (as far as I ever knew) had a boyfriend. She still talks about him and her eyes light up. This has taught me what true love is and what I always hoped for in my life.

This brings me to Mom and Me! Mom and me have had our ups and downs. We have had things sideways and all ways. But, I love my Mom with all my heart! My Mom was very young when she had me. She raised me as a single parent at a time where this was still not really socially acceptable. In my eyes... she raised me well. She raised me with an open mind, open heart and dealt with all the crap I fed her as a child, teenager and still do as an adult. No matter what has happened in our lives. My Mom has always been there for me. I don't have any brother's or sisters. So, It was always Mom and me. My Mother taught me to be free, to do what makes me happy in life which is what has brought me to the point where I am now. My mom taught me about relationship do's and don'ts the hard way. In a lot of ways we grew up together.

It was not all cakes and candy... but it wasn't all bad either. In my eyes I had a good childhood. I just did not learn how to appreciate everything that I was taught until I was an adult. Isn't that the way it goes though?

My Mother is also very psychic. I always thought she was just in my business all the time. I know now that she didn't have to be. My mom always knew when I was up to something, she had intuition when things good and bad would happen. She also saw things when she was young. Mom always answered my questions with honesty. She taught me to be who I am today, and helped me open my Psychic abilities!

Even to this day my Mom is very psychic. She knows when things are going to happen. We often are like sisters that finish each other's sentences and have "deja vu" quite often. This has always made things quite interesting!
Mom has always supported me. I have gone to school for many different things in my life. I left Minnesota when I was 19. I drove to Alabama. My Mother was sad of course when this happened. She still supported me and knew that I needed to go and find my own path. I did!
When I moved i realized that life was hard. I realized that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. No matter what I did I always had the knack of helping others. Of "giving readings" without actually having the knowledge of doing so. I went to college several times, had many successes and failures in opening my own businesses. The only thing that I have ever felt happy with, contentment with and successful is giving readings and helping others.

While living in Alabama I met my husband Gabriel in 2006. We Married and decided to move back to Minnesota. We moved to Duluth, Minnesota in 2008 and this is where we live currently. We have no children but spend my days with my Animals. I have 9 beautiful cats and a Wonderful adult Husky named Nikita. These are my children.

 I went to school for Massage Therapy in 2008. I love Massage, Anatomy and everything with the human body. I realized however by trial and error that I don't like working for a Spa and also don't really want to be a Massage Therapist as a career. It was just another experience to increase my intuition, knowledge and understanding about myself and other's. Throughout my journey in life. I have realized that I am not happy unless I am seeing other's succeed.