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April 28th, 2016 5 Planet Retrograde Mercury RX | Prepare to lose your F-ing mind and find it again! | Astro Outlook PART 2

Mercury Retrograde April/May 2016 April 28th, 2016 to May 22nd, 2015 What is a Retrograde?  This is a General Description - The way each retrograde will effect us is based on whatever your Sign is, your natal chart (Astrology Chart) including your moon signs, sun signs ect. There is a commonality however to the effects of what each retrograde is, and what it is meant to accomplish during its period of going from retrograde to direct. Some people may feel certain retrogrades more than others for these reasons. For example. Due to my own Natal Chart. I will/should feel the effects a bit stronger from Mars and Saturn Retrograde, and I may be able to skip over some of the extra or amplified negatives of Mercury this go round. Everyone will feel some effect and you will feel effect due to what others in your life are going through as well.  5 Planet Retrograde  First 5 Planet Retrograde in 10 Years. Mercury being a part of the 5 Retrograde period can increase the negati