Pink Full Moon | Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period Will Knock us on our Butts! Astro Outlook PART ONE

Hold on to your Butts because the next 6 weeks is going to be a wild ride that technically started about a week ago!

Astrological Outlook 4.21.16 to 5.31.16 | Full Moon | Mercury Retrograde | 5 Planet Retrograde | A bipolar 6 week Journey that is going to force us to Finish what we started working on at the beginning of 2016. This includes everything from projects we started, to relationships that began or ended, to making tons of decisions about your current way of life.

This period of time is going to be chaotic, tough, easy, happy, sad, emotional, and pretty much everything you could think of, all within a 6 week period. But, once it is done, so much will have been accomplished, decided, and much past baggage will have been sorted, dealt with, thrown away, or reused!

Now, with everything that I have read, researched and even just my own intuition. I honestly feel that this retrograde really is going to be a good one. I don't ever recall actually saying that about a retrograde before. It just feels that even though everything is still chaotic, that it is coming to an end, and I am starting to feel more balanced energy wise and am able to focus on what I need to focus on, rather than being distracted.

Now, my whole reason for writing this was not to weigh it down with Astrological terms, and to honestly just warn everyone that some sh*t is about to go down, but everything is going to be alright. But, to explain a bit of what is going on here we go.

Right now we are in Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period , it began on April 14th and will continue in shadow period until Mercury Turns Retrograde on April 28th. Mercury is going into retrograde (I will eventually type out a blog about retrogrades to really explain) which is when it positions itself for a period of time before beginning to travel again. During this period of time we are usually effected per whatever astrology sign Mercury stops in. This retrograde it is in the sign of Taurus and will last until May 22nd, but we will continue to feel the effects until about June 7th,

Today We are in the Pink Full Moon Period, where we have 4 Planets in retrograde (all stopped in a particular sign) and with Mercury on the way. This full moon is going to be amazing. I can already feel the energy that is surrounding it. But, it is also a very very bipolar time as the Moon is in Scorpio. So, we have Taurus and Scorpio amplified!

It means that over the next 48 hours we are going to be making a lot of decisions and some of those decisions may change. We may have made a decisions previous that now changes. For example relationships. You have have thought that you really wanted to be in this relationship, but now suddenly you may start to see the relationship for what it truly is and decide you don't want it. Perhaps you are doing something during you day job or business wise that you don't like to do, but you do it because it makes you money. You may now decide that the money you make isn't as important as how you feel, and change this up. But, whatever it is for you, just listen to your gut and know that you are making the right decisions.

Now, the Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde effect communication. So, do be aware that technology could go on the fritz, people who are poor with communication could be worse. A communication you are waiting on may not arrive ect. So, have patience with communication, especially if you are the kind of person that relies on communication for business, survival, or are just someone who loves to communicate. People with high energy may feel the need to relax, and people with low energy may feel high energy.

If someone has been stuck in a rut about a particular issue they MAY wind up making an actual decision and start to put steps together towards fixing or managing that issue. Some issues may be too big to get together in the next 48 hours, but whatever is left over will be taken care of during the Mercury retrograde period.

I honestly wanted to make sure that I got this out there to prepare people before it is too late, but please stay tuned for PART TWO that I will be posting about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde and the 5 Planet Retrograde in Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter!


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