Christmas 2015 Full Moon | Let the Cleansing Begin!

Are you Ready for 2016? I know I am! 2015 has been one of the roughest most eye opening Lessons of my time, and most of our times. For the last Several years we have been going through an awakening of sorts. The energy of the universe forcing us to learn lessons and to go through a lot of things that.... well, maybe we really wish we hadn't. 

The Full Moon on December 25th, 2015 is part of the end cycle to the madness that we have been feeling since about 2008 or so. It is wiping the slate clean of things that we have suffered, lost, things we have done, mistakes we have made, worries, fears and more. Mostly surrounding Relationships and Finances, but also family and other things. The common lessons that we needed to learn over the last several years were typically romantic relationships and finances. 

This cleansing does mean that we should then begin to have the ability to open our eyes, be more intuitive about these issues. We will be able to let go of things we may not have been able to let go of before and move on. 

This is the first Christmas Full Moon in 38 years, and I don't know about you.... but in my eyes... 38 years ago, the world was in a much better place than we have been for a long time. We are going back to that same energy. We unfortunately wont go back to how life was at that time, but the same beautiful energy that allowed us to be dreamers and fulfill our dreams. 

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays, and may the Full Moon 2015 open your heart and eyes to the wonders 2016 will have to offer you. 


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