Intentions, Manifesting and Change | Metaphysical Goal Setting

I have been struggling for a while to figure out not what to write, but what to write about first. The last several years of my life have been filled with so many ups and downs. I have so much waiting at the tip of my tong/fingertips to just ooze out. So, the first couple of things that I wanted to talk about are putting your intentions out to the universe, manifesting, and ultimately change. 

We have the power inside of us to change certain aspects of our lives. Now, some people may disagree with me, and this is my own personal spiritual beliefs system. I believe that before we come here to meet our body in this life, that we write out a sort of blueprint for ourselves that we have to follow when we get here. I simply call this out life plan. Now, I am going to eventually write a blog posting about this blueprint/life plan but I just wanted to put that out there, so that as I go on it may answer some questions. 


Intention is one of the most powerful powers we have inside of us. When we put our intentions out the the world, to our jobs, to our lives, to people in our lives... we always get an answer back! It may not be the answer that we like, it may not be a complete answer, and sometimes its just a riddle or a code we have to crack. No matter what the answer is, don't get discouraged. 

When you are putting your intentions out, the first thing that you should think of and remember is, is it realistic? Just like when you are goal planning ect... it doesn't make sense to put an intention out there, that isn't achievable. For example. We cannot change anyone else, we cannot change others minds, influence people or mislead anyone. We only have control over ourselves. 

The second thing to think about is, am I clear about exactly what I want, and what I am putting out there? If your intention is to be successful. Well, make sure you are clear about successful in what, how, ect... put a plan out there. Don't be bland or vague, or you may get a bland or vague answer. 

Third, and most important. Is this what you really want? Is it in your highest good to put this intention out? 

Intentions Gone Wrong!

A gal that I did coaching for several years ago has allowed me to write her story in my blog. I am however changing her name, so we will call her Julie. Julie became a widow after being with her soulmate for only a very short time. She began telling herself that she would never love again as she was going through the grieving process. She was putting out her intention, of never having or being in love. Devoting herself to her crossed over spouse and creating a single life that revolved around family. 

So, she moved across the country closer to family. She spent time with her Grandchildren. Offers she had for dates or anyone that had any interest in her she turned down. She felt she was doing the right thing for herself. She was content with the way things were. Her husband left her a tiny bit of money. She was able to purchase a home and have some to live on, but to use up the time that wasn't spent with family she got a part time job as a cashier at a grocery store. 

Julie then began taking notice of a man that would come into the shop often. He began standing inline to check out at her isle. She began looking forward to it and actually waiting for him to come in. She even began picking up extra shifts. See, he worked in the area and would stop into the deli for his lunches often. The two of them became "friends" and both of them had interest. However, because she had this intention put out there that she was never going to be in love or find love, she never made any real effort. Some small flirting but that is all. This also left this man with no real opening. He only ever treated it as a friendship because she put it out there that she wasn't available. 

She began to get angry after time passed. Wondering what was wrong with her, and why this man would never ask her out, or even try to be friends outside of work. One night her friends asked her out for a few drinks. She went, and there just so happened to be this man from the grocery store there. Out of her emotions and everything else, she has a bit too much to drink. He did also.. and the two of them wound up intimate together. 

The next day, he went right back to treating her in a very friendly respectful way. Not mentioning what had happened, nor making any effort to begin a relationship. She automatically assumed that he was a player. That he just wanted to sleep with her, ect. He was suddenly the bad guy. She quit her job, began stalking his house, and started calling Psychic Lines because she was too embarrassed about the situation to talk to anyone else. 

Essentially she became a stalker. She began putting the intention out there that she didn't deserve to be happy. That the only men that came into her life would either leave her, or they would play her. She spent the next 2 years obsessing about this man and spending away the little money she had on Psychic Lines. Her family then began to have some issues. She began to have some health issues. A roller coaster of bad luck ensued. 

This is when her and I first met. 

By the time that she finally mustered up the courage to tell this man her feelings. He was already in a long term relationship. She then began grieving him. Through this grief, she realized that she never grieved her husband that had passed away. She finally began her cycle of dealing with her grief. She then began putting the intentions out there that she is worth loving, and that she is worth being loved. 

Within 6 months, she had a good job, her family situation improved, and she began dating a wonderful man who she eventually married. She realized that the intention she was originally putting out there, was not what was best for her. Once she turned it around. She got what she desired. 

Vague Manifesting

Now, manifesting is much of the same.. but, manifesting is making something happen. It is instilling change, and ensuring that the change happens, no matter what. 

A girlfriend of mine went through a rough break up with her husband. He just left. Left her with the house, the cars, the bills ect.. and basically dropped off the face of the earth. She went through her grieving period. Went through counseling, continued on her life and thought she was doing all the right things. 

Once it came down to it, she could not afford the lifestyle that she had built with this man. However, she still wanted to continue the lifestyle. So, she began manifesting that change. She put up a Manifestation board that pretty much said over and over... I am manifesting that I can pay my bills and be happy. Every night before she went to bed.. she would say a prayer "dear lord, please give me the guidance and what I need to be able to pay my bills and be happy". 

Nothing happened. 

Over a period of about 10 months of Manifesting... her house went into foreclosure, she was forced to file bankruptcy, and she had to move in with a friend. 

I had not talked to her for a few months. I knew about the move and I knew that she was doing ok and was at the same job, but I didn't know much else. Very early into the conversation she became very depressed and pretty much just said "this manifesting crap is bull". So, I put my Coaching/Intuitive Cap on and asked what she was manifesting. She said "to be able to pay my bills and be happy". 

I then began to ask her about her current finances. I asked her how much money she had left over at the end of the month ect. She said that over the last few months of moving, not having to pay the huge mortgage, the credit cards ect that she was able to actually have a very tiny amount of money in savings. So, my reply to her was "So... does that mean that you are able to pay all your current bills". She paused for a moment and very reluctantly said "yes". I am sure she knew what was coming, but I said... "well, why aren't you happy.. you got what you asked for"? 

So, vague manifesting... can also backfire! 

No matter what though. Change only truly comes from within, and it only comes when it is time. You cannot force it, all you can do is make the effort, stick to it, and sometimes just throw your hands up and allow the bad to come, so that you can get closer to the good. 


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