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Psychic Readings by Text/SMS | Whatsapp SnapChat | How do Text Message Readings Work?

Text Readings are very convenient if you are wanting to try me out at a cheap cost, or you just have one or two questions to answer. Spirit Communication/Mediumship is not available via text message. This would require a full reading.  The best way to describe Text Message Readings is by talking about how phone connections work, and how fast they work. Each person has their own unique energy. This energy can travel to others via Transference. This can be by Touch, By voice, via Technology, and also by thought. Each person's energy is unique like a fingerprint. This is how I am able to read people, and also how I am able to read other people through them. Because you have had someone's energy transfer to you somehow some way.  PLEASE NOTE I HAVE A NEW PHONE NUMBER/WHATSAPP +1651-252-1344 Here are the instructions on how Text Readings with Me work!  @Text Sessions are a great way to get a quick question answered fast. Spirit Communication is not available via thi