Available Services

A complete list of all my Current Available Services

You must be 18 or Older to Purchase. No refunds for any reason. 

For Sessions that require scheduling, please schedule first before making payment. You may remit payment for all services via Paypal Or Venmo. Paypal psychicrachel2000@gmail.com or Venmo @psychicrach

Contact information to Schedule Text or whatsapp+1 830-282-8277 for a Quick Response or Email psychicrachel2000@gmail.com

Click the underlined links below for more information

Text, Whatsapp & Snap Chat Readings                               $15.00 USD Per Question 

Email Readings Up to 3 Questions                                           $45.00 USD

20 Mins               $65.00USD
30 Mins               $90.00USD
60 Mins               $165.00USD

45 Mins              $140.00USD

45 Mins             $140.00USD

(Half price until August 2020 to give healing to as many as possible during this trying time)

$15.00USD Per Person (Space Limited to 50 Per Month)

Individual Healing and Prosperity Session

Consult                                  $40.00USD
Healing                                  $120.00USD

Consult                                   $40.00USD
Individual Session                 $100.00USD
Couples Session                     $140.00USD

In-Person Readings Available In Acuna Coahuila, Mexico 

Available at 3 Libras Local - Contact for more information


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