Email Readings

"Affordable Price" Email Readings Now Available.

I know that not everyone is in a financial place at the moment to afford some of my Reading Modalities. Therefore, I wanted to make sure that I offered a way to give my services to those who need it. My true purpose is to help people. So, here you are! I look forward to giving you the answers you seek!

Affordable Email Readings are guaranteed to be delivered within 5 days. Could take anywhere from 1 Hour to 5 Days. There is NO follow up question however. I will answer any questions about clarification, so you do understand fully the reading. You can add on a second question, or have Rush Delivery as well for an extra fee at checkout.

How do Email Readings Work?

1. Purchase your Email Reading below. Make sure you choose the right one for you.

Email Readings

2. Email me your Question(s) to

Please ask an actual question. It does not have to be detailed. But, I do not answer extremely general questions like "what is my year going to be like". Questions like that would require a full phone or chat reading. Spirit Communication is also not available via email.

3. You will receive a confirmation that I have received the questions. IF you do not receive confirmation from me within 24 hours please check Spam first and then reach out to me again, via email or text.

4. You will receive your reading. Email Readings do not include a follow up question, if you have choose to use your second question purchase as a follow up, you can then ask it. I do answer general questions about my response however. If there is something you don't understand, such as wording ect.

3. You will receive your second question (if applicable) or your clarification within 24 Hours.

Thank you very much! I look forward to chatting with you soon!